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Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo reached out to a local New York GameStop yesterday to find out if the store had any Switch units available. Oddly, Totilo was told that he would only be sold the system if he purchased a $50 warranty.

Kotaku editor Cecilia D’Anastasio then called other GameStops and visited a few outlets. Four GameStop locations in New York City did have Switch units in stock, though would only sell them in bundles, which could include just a warranty and a game or a warranty, two games and a case. A number of employees said it was something they “had” to do.

Update: Looks like this may have already sold out. Definitely did not last long.

Original: Those who are interested in the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions amiibo may want to visit GameStop. The retailer’s website is taking pre-orders for a bundle featuring all four here. At first glance, this doesn’t appear to be the 4-pack – just the figures bundled together in one package. Regardless, you should be getting all of the Champions with a purchase.

When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hits Switch in November, GameStop will be selling an exclusive bundle. Along with a copy of the game, you’ll receive a Skyrim clear case.

The case is a 3-piece protector featuring artwork from the game and designed to resemble worn metal armor right out of the Skyrim world. Nintendo and Bethesda has officially licensed the case.

GameStop’s Skyrim bundle can be ordered here.

GameStop is taking pre-orders for several products showcased in last night’s Nintendo Direct. The Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition and Pro Controller, New 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition, Doom, and more are available. Everything can be found here.

Recently, Rolling Stone spoke with GameStop’s Eric Bright. One topic brought up in the discussion is the continued to demand for Switch, of which Bright said “seems to be similar to the Wii or greater.”

Bright noted:

“We are constantly selling out of our weekly allocations of the Switch. We kind of go up and down with stock. Nintendo did this before with the Wii. It was highly successful and extremely hard to find. Looking at demand – I can’t comment on rate of sale – demand for the Switch seems to be similar to the Wii or greater.”

Update 4: Last bump. The 20 percent Prime discount is now live for members on Amazon.

Update 3 (8/30): Back up on Amazon.

Update 2: Sold out on Amazon.

Update: Bumped to the top. Pre-orders are now live on Amazon as well.

Original (8/29): GameStop has started pre-orders for the Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition. If you’re interested, you can place an order here.

The Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition comes with a copy of the game. You’ll also receive three CDs with music from the game, character art cards on 5-by-7-inch premium card stock, and a slip case to hold the cards. Lastly, it has a dual-sided poster showing the first Fire Emblem games the characters appeared in.

Pre-orders for the Super NES Classic Edition went live at various retailers last week, including GameStop. After going up on the retailer’s site, it sold out just a few minutes later.

GameStop senior merchandising director Eric Bright told Forbes that it just took eight minutes for the Super Classic Edition to sell out. Moreover, the demand was greater for this product than the NES Classic Edition.

GameStop reported its second quarter financial results this week. Among what the retailer highlighted, Switch sales have been very strong. Switch drove sales in Q2, and GameStope is now the leading retailer in terms of the system’s market share.

During its financial conference call, GameStop CEO Paul Raines and CFO Robert Lloyd went in-depth on just how much of a positive factor Nintendo’s console has been. In fact, Raines even highlighted the fact that Switch is the company’s “most successful Nintendo launch ever.” Demand has continued to be strong, which is expected to continue leading up through the holidays.

Here’s what Raines shared about Switch, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha:

GameStop reported its second quarter 2017 financial results today. This was for the period ending July 29.

In its release, GameStop cited Switch as a primary factor for growth. The system helped drive a 1.9 percent increase in same store sales.

Paul Raines, chief executive officer, also mentioned:

Switch restocks are starting to become a slightly more regular occurrence. At GameStop, you’ll have another chance to pick up a system starting tomorrow. This will be the first time that all of the retailer’s stores will have units on hand since the March 3 launch.

Thankfully, you can walk right in to GameStop and purchase a Switch without any extra games or add-ons – it will be the standard system for $300. However, bundles will also be offered online.

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