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aeiowu recently announced TumbleSeed for Switch. This was made possible after the studio reached out to Nintendo this past summer.

Speaking with Engadget about the experience of bringing TumbleSeed to the new console, designer Greg Wohlwend said:

“TumbleSeed has a lot of the same values a Nintendo game has. It’s colorful and easy to get into. But it also has a lot of the things from the NES days, especially difficulty. We’ve spent a ton of energy on getting TumbleSeed to fit that combination of natural-to-learn mixed with challenging and fun, even after playing for two years. That’s how long we’ve been playing, and we still genuinely have fun with it.”

“We always felt like TumbleSeed would really be at home on a Nintendo console, so we cold-called them, and, luckily, they felt the same. I can’t speak for what’s happened in the past because this is the first time I’ve worked with Nintendo, but I can say they’ve been a joy to work with. They’re truly as excited about TumbleSeed as we are about being on the Switch, and so it’s been a really solid partnership so far.”

“There’s a wonderful invisibility to the console that I think all beautifully designed objects have. It gets out of the way and showcases the games like no other console I’ve owned.”

TumbleSeed doesn’t have a release date just yet. However, it’s currently targeted for spring.


Nefarious recently debuted on Steam, and footage is beginning to stream in. Watch 23 minutes of gameplay below.

I C Red made it to the North American Wii U eShop last week. In Europe, it’s coming out next week. An eShop listing has it down for February 16 for €1.49.

Here’s a closer look:


Mutant Football League has a good chance of coming to Switch. The unique take on football is currently on Kickstarter with its $60,000 target in sight.

Digital Dreams Entertainment said that other versions of Mutant Football League are the focus, but bringing it to Switch will be considered. Actually, the team is talking with Nintendo, who has taken interest in the project.

Digital Dreams Entertainment said:

“At the moment our priority PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But once it done we are absolutely consider mobile version and Switch as well. We already talking to Nintendo, but nothing decided yet. We are in talks with Nintendo and they like the project. We are huge fans of Nintendo and hope we can make this happen. We’ll keep you updated.”

Developer Ivan Zapala also spoke about the interest in Switch. Right now, it sounds like Digital Dreams Entertainment is waiting on proper Unity support to “start supporting this console, to try it out.”

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Word came in a few days ago that forma.8 is slated for February 23 on the European Wii U eShop. Fortunately, North America will also be getting it on the same day as well. Have a look at the official launch trailer below.

Many indie developers have been shifting plans from Wii U to Switch over the past few weeks. However, AckkStudios is remaining steadfast in bringing previously-announced titles to the console.

YIIK and Chromophore: The Two Brothers Director’s Cut are both still planned for Wii U. Even though AckkStudios hasn’t had much to say about either game as of late, it doesn’t look like anything has changed.


How TumbleSeed uses HD Rumble

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aeiowu announced TumbleSeed for Switch earlier this week. This spring, the eShop will be adding a “rolly roguelike” game.

One of the developers shared information on how TumbleSeed will use Switch’s HD Rumble feature earlier today. Although aeiowu is still working on it, the functionality “allows you to feel where the seed is on the screen (left or right) and how fast you’re rolling.” And “if you’re rolling fast at all in our game, you’re usually outta control so it sorta provides a 6th sense that allows you to feel your inertia.”


Monster Couch is looking to bring Die for Valhalla! to Switch, developer Monster Couch said today. Actual development on the system has yet to begin, but the team is looking into obtaining a dev kit and will attempt to have it ready alongside other platforms.

Monster Couch describes its game as “a beat ’em up with a paranormal twist.” You play as the ghostly witch Valkyrie, who has been sent to help Vikings save their world.

The Die for Valhalla! Kickstarter page shares the following information:

“You summon heroes from Valhalla and make them hack, slash and crush. Your job is to make sure they take down as many enemies as possible before they Die for Valhalla!

You will also discover tales about Vikings and their Myths. As a Valkyrie, you will seek the truth about yourself and the nature of the world. Things are not always what they seem.”

Speaking of Kickstarter, Die for Valhalla! is indeed seeking some funding at the moment. About half of the $5,600 goal has been raised so far.


Jack Merluzzi is doing a little bit of voice work in the Switch game FAST RMX. That’s according to developer Shin’en, who shared the news on Twitter.

Merluzzi was the announcer in FAST Racing Neo on Wii U. Shin’en’s tweet suggests that Merluzzi has performed some new recordings for FAST RMX.


US Gamer recently conducted interviews with a host of indie game developers about the process of bringing their titles to the Switch, and how Nintendo is involved in that process. Among the interviewed are names such as Yacht Club Games, developer of Shovel Knight, and Tequila Works, the team behind Rime.

It seems the overall concenseus is that porting to the Switch is a very simple process. You can find some excerpts from the interview below.

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