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Johnny Dynamite made it to North America way back in May 2015. Europe will finally be receiving the digital 3DS game this week. Perhaps the wait will be worth it, as the PAL version will come with an update.

When Johnny Dynamite arrives on the European 3DS eShop on Thursday, players will have access to a new game intro and ending sequence along with six additional levels. Developer Twofivesix implemented some “minor” bug fixes as well. The update will be labeled as version 1.1 – which isn’t out yet in North America by the way.


Teslapunk footage

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A few minutes of footage from the new Wii U eShop game Teslapunk is now available. Watch ten minutes of footage below.

Radiantflux: Hyperfractal is the latest game by TACS Games. The hacking-themed game will be released on the Wii U eShop this month. Check out the game’s trailer:


Petite Games’ eShop efforts have only focused on Wii U, but the indie developer is about ready to release something new on 3DS. Hit Ninja will be available in North America on December 22.

Petite Games wrote on Twitter yesterday:

Although Hit Ninja is without a European release date, it’s coming to PAL regions early in 2017.


Nidhogg is Messhof’s side-scrolling fighter featuring two players. It debuted in 2014, and now the indie studio is working on a sequel.

EDGE pointed out in its issue last month that development on Nidhogg 2 has been quicker, and it’s coming to more platforms at once. Given that as well as how the Switch controllers line up well with the game’s concept, the magazine asked about potential interest in the new console.

Messhof’s response was certainly encouraging. Co-founder Kristy Norindr said: “It looks awesome, and it’s perfect for Nidhogg.”

We’ve attached trailers for both Nidhogg games below to give you a better idea about what the gameplay offers.

Would you like to see either of the Nidhogg games – or both – on Switch?

Since the initial announcement of Switch, some indie developers have cancelled previously-confirmed plans for Wii U outright while others decided to move their projects to the new console. Hive Jump appears to be one of the exceptions. In a recent Kickstarter update, the team spoke about its commitment to an early 2017 release.

Another engine was actually brought on “to help accelerate production and finish this version.” The Hive Jump “programmers, testers and artists are working on lots of optimization tasks to get the best possible performance.”

Graphite Lab said of the Wii U version’s progress on Kickstarter:

HullBreach Studios announced at the start of this month that SDK Spriter would be available beginning December 8 on the North American Wii U eShop. Strangely though, it was absent from this week’s Nintendo Download report.

There was some sort of mixup, but we can confirm that SDK Spriter is live in North America. It will set you back $12.50.

Back to Bed is launching on the European Wii U eShop next week. A listing on the digital store confirms a release date of December 15, along with a €9.99 price point.

We have the following trailer:

And here’s a look at the eShop listing:


USGamer caught up with Nick Wozniak from Yacht Club Games and managed to obtain some additional details about Specter of Tournament, the next expansion for Shovel Knight. We’ve rounded up the important tidbits below, though the full article is located here.

– Free to everyone who owns Shovel Knight
– being pushed as “standalone” so casual observers understand that it’s more than a simple reskin with a new character
– May also make Specter of Torment a true standalone release, though they wouldn’t elaborate on what form they would take
– Set before the original Shovel Knight
– Follows Specter Knight as he recruits the Order of No Quarter
– Specter Knight can wall climb and dash slash
– Yacht Club is remixing his levels
– New screens as well as new art
– You might recognize “one or two screens if you really know the old game,” but otherwise it will very different
– Players can choose any level they want
– All boss battles have been redone
– Harder/easier stages like that of Mega Man

Plantera is heading soon to Wii U / 3DS, and the video below proves that. 10 minutes of footage is now available from the Wii U eShop version. Expect a release date soon.

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