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SimCity was once going to be made for the NES. That never happened though, and it was thought that it was lost to time – until now.

It’s a bit unclear where they came from, but NintendoAge reports that the owner of the game store chain Back in Time recently got his hands on two prototype cartridges. An off-screen video, posted below, gives us a first look at SimCity on the NES since its appearance on Johnny Arcade in 1991. If you happen to be attending, it will be playable at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.


It was nearly a week ago that Walmart took pre-orders for the Super NES Classic – or so we thought. The retailer ended up pulling the plug on reservations a few days ago.

In an email sent to customers, Walmart said that pre-orders went up “due to a technical glitch”. That’s fine and all, but those who thought they were lucky enough to score the system were dissatisfied that their orders were cancelled.

ThinkGeek currently has the NES Classic Edition back in stock. However, hardware is only being included in various bundles. Bundles start at $140 and go up until $220.

We generally don’t like to promote these sorts of bundles, though this might be one of your last chances to secure yourself an NES Classic Edition. You can see the bundle offerings here.

Available stock is one of the big concerns with the just-announced Super NES Classic Edition. As we saw with the NES Classic Edition, it was extremely difficult for most consumers to order a unit, and shipments ceased only a few months after the initial launch.

Perhaps we won’t have to be quite as worried with the Super NES Classic Edition. In an official statement, Nintendo says it will make “significantly more units” in comparison to the NES Classic Edition.

The company’s full statement reads:

A new interview with Nintendo senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta is up from Ars Technica. The two chatted about the Switch stock situation, the NES Classic Edition, and fan games.

Continue on below for Scibetta’s comments. You can also read the original article here for a little bit of discussion about 3DS. 

April 2017 was an extremely good month for Nintendo sales. In the U.S., the company not only owned the top spot in gaming hardware sales, but the second position as well.

As we know, Switch was the overall top seller. Right behind it though is the NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo is no longer producing the NES Classic Edition. The platform has been phased out worldwide, and April was the final month for shipments.


The last official sales figure for the NES Classic Edition was 1.5 million worldwide at the start of February. In an interview with TIME, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that this number has increased to 2.3 million.

Reggie also spoke about the response to the NES Classic Edition and how production was initially increased following demand:

“We had originally planned for this to be a product for last holiday. We just didn’t anticipate how incredible the response would be. Once we saw that response, we added shipments and extended the product for as long as we could to meet more of that consumer demand.”

Best Buy will be restocking two popular items next week. First up is the NES Classic Edition, which will be sold on Monday. Switch follows on Friday – just in time for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The restocks should be in stores at the very least, but perhaps online as well.

This might be one of your last chances to purchase your own NES Classic Edition. Nintendo is discontinuing the hardware, and final shipments are being sent out this month.


The end of the NES Classic Edition truly is a worldwide affair. It started out with Nintendo of America stating that production is ending in the states this month. Over in Japan, the Famicom Mini is also coming to an end – for now at least, but likely permanently.

We have news about two other regions as well. In Australia and Italy, Nintendo is providing the following statement:

“We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.”

So that’s pretty much it, folks. It’s looking the end is here for the NES Classic Edition / NES Mini / Famicom Mini. That decision won’t many sense to many, but that’s where things stand now.

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Nintendo is ending shipments of the NES Classic Edition, the company has confirmed.

In a statement to IGN, Nintendo writes that the final shipments will be sent out to territories across North America throughout the month. Then that’s it – no more shipments this year.

The full statement from Nintendo reads:

“Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”

Thanks to Jes T for the tip.


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