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After it was first made known in August, the Switch version of Brawlout released on Switch this week. It was confirmed a few days ago that a patch is due out very soon. The update is arriving “shortly after launch which addresses any minor frame stutters or crashes”.

Interestingly, it seems there’s a bit more to the patch. Angry Mob Games shared a few more details with fans over on Reddit.

ARMS version 5.0.0 launches tomorrow

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The next major update for ARMS will be available tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. It will be highlighted by the addition of a brand new fighter who was teased over the weekend.

Aside from the latest character, Nintendo hasn’t said much about ARMS version 5.0.0. We should have details very soon at least.


NBA 2K18’s latest update is now available on Switch. 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have started to distribute version 1.06.

The new update encompasses a number of improvements, fixes, and changes. The full patch notes are posted below.

Chess Ultra update available

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Ripstone pushed out a patch for Chess Ultra this week. After it’s downloaded, dual Joy-Con support is enabled when the console is docked. That means you can experience multiplayer with a friend without having to remove the controllers.


Kingdom: New Lands has received free DLC on Switch, and it won’t cost you a single penny. The Skull Island content update is out now.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

Brawlout is out now on Switch as one of the system’s latest digital downloads. Angry Mob Games has passed along some news that a patch will be released “shortly after launch which addresses any minor frame stutters or crashes”.

We also have Brawlout’s official launch trailer. Have a look at the video below.

Source: Angry Mob Games PR

A new Minecraft update will be going out soon on Switch and Wii U. On both platforms, the game will be adding in a Birthday Skin Pack, Norse Mythology Mashup Pack, and more. There are also the regular features and changes.

We expect that the patch will be going live around the following times:

– 5:50 PM PT (December 19) – 7:30 PM PT (December 19)
– 8:50 PM ET (December 19) – 10:30 PM ET (December 19)
– 1:50 AM in the UK (December 20) – 3:30 AM in the UK (December 20)
– 2:50 AM in Europe (December 20) – 4:30 AM in Europe (December 20)

For the full patch notes, continue on below.

WWE 2K18 Switch update available

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WWE 2K18 has received what appear to be the game’s first post-release update. We’re hearing reports that an update is going out now.

As far as the specifics of the patch, 2K hasn’t shared any details just yet. Some players have reported that WWE 2K18’s loading screens may have been decreased, and performance could have been improved. If we see any official patch notes, we’ll let you know.


Portal Knights’ new update on Switch has arrived. Version 1.2.2 is now available for all players to download.

As far as we’re aware, the patch only fixes a memory issue that plagued the game previously. We’ll let you know if we hear about the update involving anything else.


Bandai Namco published the first official details and screenshots for upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 content. We have the lowdown on Extra Pack 2 – featuring new character Fu – plus what’s planned for the next free update.

Bandai Namco provides the following information:

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