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The new update for Earth Atlantis is here. Headup Games and Pixel Perfex have sent out version 1.0.1.

Today’s patch involves the following:

– Drop the sub-weapon that you had equipped before you got defeated right at your restart point
– Item boxes spawn much closer to the restart point and player’s location
– Increased drop rates of items and sub-weapons
– Increased the player’s ship speed
– Reduced the difficulty of some boss monsters, especially on Easy Mode
– Minor bugs fixed
– A new game icon

Earth Atlantis should be updated automatically to version 1.0.1. If it doesn’t, there should be an update option in the game’s settings.

Source: Headup Games PR

Wales Interactive will be looking its first-person horror game Don’t Knock Twice with an upcoming patch. The company outlined what’s in store for the imminent patch today.

Wales Interactive is promising “major framerate improvements, easier interaction with objects, bigger read-me texts, minor change to control scheme to avoid dropping items, new languages added, visual enhancements and minor collision/bug fixes.” The update has already been submitted, and once approved, should be live in about a week.

Here’s the full update from Wales Interactive:

With Super Mario Odyssey launching today, the first update has already gone live. Version 1.0.1 is now available.

We can say that the launch update isn’t anything too speculator. “Several fixes have been made to enhance the user’s experience,” Nintendo says in its update notes.

We’ll have to see how often Super Mario Odyssey is updated in the future. Nintendo will want to address any small issues (if there are any), but this isn’t a game like Splatoon 2 or ARMS in which there will be somewhat frequent patches.

Thanks to Cameron for the tip.


Warner Bros. and TT Games have a whole bunch of plans for LEGO Worlds going forward. Tomorrow, the game will be getting another big patch on Switch with features, changes, and improvements. Another patch is also planned by the end of this year, with even more support coming in 2018.

TT Games outlined everything that’s to come tomorrow as well as in the future. You can find the full rundown below.

Pokemon Duel has received its latest update. On iOS and Android, version 4.0.6 has been released.

Today’s update isn’t terribly exciting. The official patch notes only make mention of bug fixes. That seems to be all.

Source: iOS / Android

Inversus Deluxe, the addictive action shooter for Switch, received an update this past week. Hypersect issued version 1.5.8.

Here’s an overview of the patch straight from Hypersect:

“This update simplifies adding users to local multiplayer games. Previously, when choosing additional users, you could pick one that was already selected by a friend and steal control from them. It was a bit confusing and has been prevented with the new update. This will make it easier for friends and family to choose their own user or choose the skip button to play as a guest!”

Hypersect also said that another update for Inversus Deluxe “is already headed out the door” and will be out soon.

Source: Switch news

On launch day, Koei Tecmo and Nintendo prepared an update for Fire Emblem Warriors. Those who purchased the game will be able to receive the latest patch, version 1.1.0.

The Fire Emblem Warriors update adds battle results to the game’s History mode and a new feature for sorting in-game weapons. You should be able to pre-order the DLC as well. Finally, you can expect the usual bug fixes.

Source: Nintendo PR

Yono and the Celestial Elephants creator Niklas Hallin is cooking up a new patch for the game. Currently, the plan is to add in support for the Switch Pro Controller. Hallin says it’ll take some time for the patch to go through Nintendo’s submission process, “but it’s on its way.”

Hallin wrote on Twitter today:


Following up on last week’s update, Splatoon 2 has received another patch. It’s now at version 1.4.1.

It was sort of expected, but today’s update isn’t too significant. Instead of adding new functionality and making adjustments to elements like weapons, this is mainly about addressing a few issues.

The Switch itself received a major update today, but it wasn’t the only thing on the console to be patched. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has also been updated and is now at version 1.3.0.

Today’s update enables video capture compatibility and makes other adjustments, such as Blue Shells no longer hitting the second place player when the first place player hasn’t yet crossed the finish line. We’ve included the full patch notes below.

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