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Capcom has released character profiles about new and returning characters appearing in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

This time around the focus is on the returning rookie attorney Apollo Justice, who will hold down the court while Phoenix Wright is away in the Kingdom of Khura’in. Additionally, we get our first detailed look at newcomer Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, who will serve as the enemy prosecutor in this game. Not only will Phoenix be facing off against him in faraway lands, but it appears that Nahyuta will make an appearance in Apollos home turf as well.

You can read the full blog post here.

Family Gamer TV just uploaded 30 minutes of new Skylanders Imaginators gameplay on their YouTube channel. Several different characters are shown off in the video, including the new Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Cortex characters. You can watch the video below.

In a recent interview with publisher Nnooo, The Legend of Kusakari developers Librage talked about their inspirations for the title, confirming that their game is indeed inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, and elaborated on their interaction with Nintendo and how they felt about such clear inspirations.

When asked about how the team was inspired to make the The Legend of Kusakari, Librage said:

The inspiration is the Legend of Zelda itself as you can see from the title logo and its game elements!

Furthermore, when asked about the kind of reaction Nintendo had to the clear inspirations the The Legend of Kusakari has to the The Legend of Zelda series, Librage said:

This is just our subjective impression, but they seem to be very favorable about this game. We visited Nintendo headquarters for a meeting and explained our project. They said this game was easy to understand because the title and content are consistent, and praised us.

You can read the full review below.


In a recent interview with, Shin’en Multimedia confirmed that their next project will be with Nintendo. Shin’en Multimedia, creators of FAST Racing Neo, recently confirmed that while their next project is a secret, it will be on a Nintendo console.

The studio was asked what it would like to do after FAST Racing Neo. In response, Shin’en said:

The problem is I can’t talk about it. I’d really like to talk about it, but if I say anything…. let me put it this way: we’re very happy to work with Nintendo, we’ll keep doing it and our next project will be with them. We’re also carrying out new experiments and creating new prototypes, but I can’t talk about this either, because they’re so deep in their initial stage that there would be no point talking about it now.



Nintendo has just uploaded a trailer for Miitomo to their YouTube channel. The trailer details the new features that have been added over the past few months to Miitomo, including adding your friends through Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps. You can view the video below.



Capcom is continuing its series of development blogs for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. You can read the second one here.

This time around, the discussion is centered about how the developers and artists worked to define the look and feel of the Kingdom of Khura’in. The art director and lead artist for the game go into details about the setting, it’s location in the world, the language, and the culture of the fictional land.

Nintendo’s sale of the Seattle Mariners, a baseball team in which Nintendo has owned shares in for some time now, has officially been finalized by the MLB. Nintendo is to retain a 10% share in the team, with the remainder of its holdings to be sold off.

As part of the sale and transistion, current CEO Howard Lincoln has retired from his daily duties and been replaced by John Stanton as the chairman and CEO, who will also act as a Major League Baseball Control Person for the franchise. Lincoln will continue to represent Nintendo’s ownership interests for the team, acting as a member of the FAE Board of Directors. The financial impact of the sale to Nintendo will be incorporated into the company’s next quarterly financial report.

You can find the post below.

Capcom has just posted a video interview with Sam Riegel, the voice of Phoenix Wright in Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. You can watch the video below.

Nintendo has posted a new video on their Facebook page showcasing where to find the Woodcutter’s axe in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can view the video below.


The first piece of Nintendo code ever written by the late Satoru Iwata may have been discovered in the circuit boards of several old Famicom games. The circuit boards were purchased and discovered by Frank Cifaldi, the head of restoration at developer Digital Eclipse. Calling them an “incredible piece of video game history”, Cifaldi went on to explain the importance of these relics. The four boards he purchased belong to the games Hyper Olympic, Stargate, Soccer and Joust. While all are valuable treasures to a game historian, the most noteworthy item is the circuit board for Joust, as it was programmed by a young Iwata in 1983 as part of deal between Nintendo and Atari that never went through, long before he became the president of Nintendo.

What makes the circuit boards especially valuable is the fact that this is “earlier-than-retail” code, possibly being some of the earliest versions of each respective game. Together with the fact that the Joust code was the first piece of code that the president Satoru Iwata ever worked on, and the Joust circuit board likely predating the official release of the game means that Frank Cifaldi has stumbled upon what is possibly the first piece of code ever written by Iwata. You can find the series of tweets detailing the discovery below.

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