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Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, has delivered a simple but important message to Nintendo fans similar to what has been noted by Denise Kaigler. Speaking recently on an episode of X-Play, when asked where Nintendo is in terms of more traditional content for Wii and DS, Reggie had this to say:

“What I can tell you is, it’s coming. That’s what E3 is for. We’ll be showcasing the back-half of the marketing calender and all of the content that we’ll be launching at that point. What I can tell you is be there. We’ll have some great content to share.”

GDC 09: SD Card Guide

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This comes from the latest edition of Iwata Asks…

“Ha ha ha! Well, if our customers didn’t have to pay monthly fees, I wouldn’t mind [giving the DS a phone]. Right now, however, they would have to. That’s why the Nintendo DS family doesn’t have a phone.” – Iwata

This comes from the latest edition of Iwata Asks…

“Well, when we use a DS game system ourselves or when we see others using theirs, we always think about what might be done to allow more people to enjoy it. When we made the Wii console, our guiding motivation was finding a way to make it fun, and our actions seemed to hit home with users, so afterwards there was an intense interest in what would happen if we applied the same philosophy to the DS. So one factor for our timing was our desire as creators to try out our ideas. That’s why we made what we did when we did…We’re presenting this as the third iteration in the Nintendo DS platform series. It isn’t a next-generation game system. It is merely a minor change. Basically, we have just picked out those areas where users wish the DS were different and made improvements. We increased the size of the LCD slightly, improved the audio, and slimmed it down because there was a strong desire out there for such changes…At root, it is still a DS. It isn’t a completely new hardware. (laughs) I do think, however, that in order to ask our consumers to buy it, adding value they’ve never seen before, giving it newness, is necessary. If all we had done was change the design a little, it would be hard to bring out

…That’s why this time we added the cameras, SD memory card functionality and Nintendo DSi Shop feature, which allows users to download software. If those features stimulate the DS market and many people use their Nintendo DSi systems more often, and add packaged software, our business opportunities will expand, and chances for new customers to play our games will increase. Certainly, however, the choice we have made does stray from the traditional platform release cycle. However, even though the cycle to present—by which in a five year cycle, a piece of hardware is released, its price gradually falls, and its demand disappears—has been the standard, there is no need to say we must continue on with this cycle. In my personal opinion, when prices fall as time passes, it’s like manufacturers are saying to consumers that they should wait. I’ve always thought something was wrong with that. Of course, I don’t mean to rule out lowering prices no matter what happens, but I’ve always wanted to find a way to avoid disappointing those who try the hardest to support our newest products by purchasing them during the launch periods. I don’t want them to think it was a waste for them to do so.” – Iwata

Even though there had been rumors that a new DS would be on the way, it still was a little surprising when Iwata announced the DSi. The sales of the system didn’t seen to be slowing down too much – especially in North America.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade screenshots

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Back in January, the secret dark Wii title that IGN had been hinting about for months was revealed. The only problem was that the game was then considered to be canceled. So what has changed since gamers last heard about Winter?

The developers of the game have since created a new build of the game – Winter 2.0, as Dan O’Leary, president of development and creative director Ted Newman call it. Two weeks or so have been spent on the project. The developers have not only polished the game, but they have also added features such as Wii MotionPlus support for character attacks and object-based interactions. Graphically, the 3D engine has seen improvements. Textures have been upgraded and effects such as realistic falling snow and an overhaul of the flashlight can be noticed. The best news of all is that, according to O’Leary, a couple of publishers have shown interest in Winter. This could be an important step in seeing the game eventually release.

Another video of The Conduit

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Red Steel 2 missing from latest NGamer

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Gamers may remember that, last month, NGamer said they would have the scoop on Red Steel 2. Well, the issue has made the rounds to subscribers and strangely, information on the title appears to be absent. It really is a mystery as to what happened since Red Steel 2 seemed to be the centerpiece for the magazine’s latest issue. Apparently the game wasn’t even mentioned in the latest NGamer at all. Looks like gamers will have to wait a little while longer for Ubisoft to pull back the curtain on the game.


Course: Waluigi Stadium
Objective: Go through gates in order
Tournament date: 4/1 – 4/10

Punch-Out!! gameplay videos

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