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16th October ’08

Ignition Entertainment and SNK Playmore are pleased to announce the upcoming European release of The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga for PlayStation®2, PlayStation®Portable and Wii™.

Spanning KOF 94 – 98, this collection replays the classic storyline of the Orochi Saga….

The King of Fighters ‘94:
The year is 1994. Invitations to the King of Fighters tournament have been sent to the world’s greatest warriors. However, the patron of this little party remains unknown. It cannot be Geese, nor can it be Krauser. So who could they be from…? Among all the hopes and doubts, the legendary superstars of the fighting world begin to form their mighty teams. The intensity of the fan’s excitement reaches a fevered pitch as the tournament finally approaches its beginning.

Japanese software sales (10/6 – 10/12)

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01. [PSP] Macross Ace Frontier (Namco Bandai) 104,000 / NEW
02. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo) 86,000 / 1,681,000
03. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) 49,000 / 955,000

04. [PS2] Dynasty Warriors 5 Special (KOEI) 48,000 / 157,000
05. [PS2] Super Robot Wars Z (Namco Bandai) 48,000 / 449,000
06. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) 16,000 / 2,722,000
07. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) 10,000 / 1,809,000

08. [PS2] Powerful Major League 3 (Konami) 8,000 / 26,000
09. [NDS] Dragonball DS (Namco Bandai) 8,000 / 123,000
10. [NDS] Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (Nintendo) 8,000 / 383,000


“…And if you’re not convinced that swinging a Wii remote is the best way to beat the Count, worry not; you can also play using the GameCube or Classic Controller.” – Nintendo Power

Well, that’s good news, but even so, it probably won’t save the game. Impressions of the game haven’t been too positive as of late.


Chocobo’s Dungeon DS+

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World of Goo demo available

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Although Nintendo does not offer demos of WiiWare titles, 2D Boy has been kind enough as to provide a demo of the PC version of World of Goo. The demo should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect considering the PC and WiiWare versions are more than similar. 2D Boy states that the demo has the entire first level of the game – definitely a generous sampling!

New LIT and Cursed Mountain info

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Nintendo Power has released even more information on LIT and the mysterious Cursed Mountain title.


-Developer of Contra 4 and Shantae (Way Forward)
-’Built around the concept that light is life and darkness is death.’
-Play as ‘Jake,’ a high school student whose school is overrun by shadowy creatures that are too dark to see, but can be sensed crawling and scratching everywhere!
-Jake and his girlfriend, the only survivors, are in contact only by cell phone.
-Thirty levels and five ‘puzzle oriented’ bosses (all former school staff, now horrible monsters)
-Use control stick for movement
-Carve paths via light sources to escape
-Wii remote is flashlight
-Switch from top down view to 3d behind back perspective.
-Turn on lamps, break windows and more to light the way and survive.
-Use tools such as flares, TV remotes, slingshot, computer monitors and more to escape!

Cursed Mountain

-Use Tibetan Prayer movements to exorcise demons.
-Enter the ‘Bardo’ or Tibetan Spiritual Realm to see otherwise invisible ghosts.
-Combat mechanics are why developer Deep Silver chose Wii.
-Wanted a survival horror that wouldn’t let you clutch the controller close, saying that the open armed movements make you feel ‘very vulnerable,’ which adds to the experience.
-The mountain itself offers exciting challenges, including a balance act that requires you to tilt the remote for balance as you cross a narrow passage.

A few Nintendo Power details

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The latest Nintendo Power issue seems to be making its rounds to mailboxes, and reader Biggity was willing to hook us up with a few details. First, as IGN noted last night, WiiWare title LIT is in this month’s issue. According to the magazine, the game should be completed by year’s end. In next month’s edition, Nintendo plans on having an Ocarina of Time 10th Anniversary blowout. Eiji Aonuma will be interviewed, and as always, I’m sure he Mr. Aonuma will be asked about the next Zelda.

Nintendo Power review scores

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Away: Shuffle Dungeon (DS) – 7
Boogie Superstar (Wii) – 7
Brothers in Arms: Double Time (Wii) – 7
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) – 8
Celebrity Sports Showdown (Wii) – 4.5
Dokapon Kingdom (Wii) – 8.5
Dragon Ball Origins (DS) – 7
Facebreaker KO Party (Wii) – 5
FIFA 09 All Play (Wii) – 7.5
King of Fighters: Orochi Saga (Wii) – 8
LEGO Batman (Wii) – 7
LEGO Batman (DS) – 7.5
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ (DS) – 5
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (Wii) – 6.5
Master of the Monster Lair (DS) – 6.5
MySims Kingdom (Wii) – 7.5
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 (Wii) – 8
Ninjatown (DS) – 8
Robocalypse (DS) – 7.5
Rock Revolution (Wii) – 4.5
Rock Revolution (DS) – 5
Shaun the Sheep (DS) – 4
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals (DS) – 8
SPRay (Wii) – 3
Tecmo Bowl Kickoff (DS) – 6
TNA Impact! (Wii) – 5
Transformers Animated: The Game (DS) – 7
Ultimate Band – 6
We Cheer (Wii) – 6

Thanks to Biggity for the news tip!

“The thing that I did when I took over last year was to boast the appeal of games themselves…The main premise of the PS3 is video games. That’s the absolutely most important thing that we cannot lose sight of. We cannot allow Nintendo run off alone.” – Kaz Hirai

Obviously Mr. Hirai would say something like this. Sony isn’t going to go around endorsing Nintendo or anything to that extent. Sony still probably believes they can make a big impact this generation.