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Nintendo announced a partnership with Cygames tonight. To begin the collaboration, the two sides are teaming up to develop the action RPG Dragalia Lost.

Nintendo just released the first trailer for the game. Watch the debut video for Dragalia Lost below.

Nintendo has announced a couple of events for Fire Emblem Heroes.

First, a Lyn: Lady of the Wind summoning event goes live next week – specifically on May 1. We have a trailer for that below.

As the sun sets on Miitomo, Nintendo has added in the final new items to the mobile app.

Users can get their hands on the following:

– Sunny side up tee
– Fried egg pumps
– Friend shrimp costume


This information comes from Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima…

For the smart-device business, we will continue the services for existing applications while also releasing new applications in order to increase Nintendo’s presence in this business. The efforts we have made to date have yielded certain responses to our goal of expanding the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP. Even so, we have not reached a satisfactory profit point yet, so our goal is to further expand the scale of this business to develop it into one of the pillars of revenue.

This information comes from Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima…

Fire Emblem Heroes became available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, and Singapore as of November of last year, and this February marked the one-year anniversary of the application’s release. We have been able to keep our active users while expanding the user base, and sales have continued to grow without slowing. One might expect the Fire Emblem series to be most popular within Japan, but for Fire Emblem Heroes the share of overseas sales is steadily growing. Moving forward, we will work to continually expand on measures designed to excite consumers.


This information comes from Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima…

The number of Super Mario Run downloads continues to grow, despite the fact that it was released over a year ago now. This title is maintaining a base of approximately 20 million monthly active users. And as one of our evergreen titles for smart devices, we will continue to look to it as a way to maximize the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP across an expanding number of consumers worldwide.


This information comes from Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima…

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released in October of last year, and many people have played the game since then, especially adult women. Moving forward, we will make updates to add game content and continue to hold weekly events. Television commercials will air in Japan as well. We intend to continue to improve the service in ways that make the game more fun for consumers, all the while considering how this title contributes to revenue.


Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – Formidable Foes went live in Fire Emblem Heroes earlier today. See some footage of the new content below.

Fire Emblem Heroes players can now partake in Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – Formidable Foes. The event will be hosted until May 12.

Illusory Dungeon is a simple battle game in which you defeat enemies by timing your taps on screen. Heroes who have not yet been leveled up can be used here.

While the event is active, there will be new daily quests where you can earn different rewards. Also, beginning on April 19, you’ll find two types of Tap Battle quests.

Three new content updates have started today in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

First, players can now participate in the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt. After collecting enough gyroidite scattered across the map, you can use them to craft look-alike items. They are as follows: