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Niantic, developer of the mobile game Pokemon Go, has opened up an office in Japan. This will be the company’s first subsidiary overall.

The office was created on December 3 in Tokyo’s Minato ward. It’ll be used to develop top-level real-world games as well as a platform using AR and mapping. Industry insider Dr. Serkan Toto also offers up the following speculation:

“Generally speaking, Japanese gaming companies (I mean Nintendo in this specific case) love going vertical by becoming platforms if any opportunity to do so opens up: so it might very well be that Pokemon is not the only Nintendo mobile game that will make use of AR and GPS going forward.”


In addition to NX, new Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima addressed several other topics pertaining to the company while speaking with TIME. These include mobile, Wii U support in the future and how he didn’t say the system would be a failure, amiibo, Shigeru Miyamoto’s “fellow” role, Genyo Takeda, Quality of Life, and the length of his presidency.

We’ve rounded up Kimishima’s comments below. You can also find TIME’s original piece here.

A new update has gone live for the 3DS version of Pokemon Shuffle. First of all, the Mega Steelix competition has started, which will run until December 8th. Placing in the top 12,000 in Europe, 19,000 in North America or 50,000 in Japan will get you the coveted Steelixite. If you place in the top 2,300 in Europe, 3,800 in North America or 10,000 in Japan you will also receive a Mega Speedup. Placing in the top 16,000 in Europe, 27,000 in North America or 70,000 in Japan gets you an Attack Power Up and a Disruption Delay. Everyone else gets a jewel.

Also, Thundurus is now available as a special stage in both the 3DS and mobile versions until December 8th. You can only play this stage once each day, however you have an increasingly bigger chance to catch Thundurus each time.

Finally, the Mega Lucario competion has begun in the mobile version. The top 100,000 players worldwide will get a Lucarionite while the top 10,000 also get a Mega Speedup. If you already have a Lucarionite, you will get a Jewel instead. Everyone else who participates will get an Exp. Points *1.5 item.


Nintendo x DeNA

A few days ago, DeNA held its latest earnings results briefing, which came with an associated Q&A. That’s now been made available in English. We’ve posted all of the excerpts pertaining to Nintendo and its mobile games below.

Although there isn’t anything too surprising here, there are some interesting comments. There’s some clarification about payment models, a statement about DeNA wanting to make the business “as big as possible”, and more.


In DeNa’s latest financial results briefing they talked, among other things, about their partnership with Nintendo. An English video of the briefing featuring a presentation by DeNA’s president and CEO Isao Moriyasu is now available here.


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Miitomo, DeNA’s first mobile project being developed in conjunction with Nintendo, is due out in March of next year. That’s a free-to-play game. Likewise, all of the titles the company is currently developing will be based on a similar model.

“Games currently in the pipeline are all free to play,” DeNA chief executive Isao Moriyasu mentioned at an earnings briefing earlier today.

Moriyasu wouldn’t really call “Miitomo” a game during the financial meeting. However, he reiterated that its rich entertainment features make it more than just a chat or communication tool. The app will also be updated continuously.

Another important note: it appears that DeNA is focusing its efforts on co-developing Nintendo’s free-to-play apps while the Big N handles the paid ones.

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Pokemon Shuffle has seen a fairly small update today compared to previous Mondays, but there’s still some new stuff worth checking out.

First of all, the Mega Gardevoir competition ended last night. You can claim your prizes now by checking in.

The Pokemon Safari stages featuring Electrike, Manectric, Stantler, Darumakka and Darmanitan are making a return to the 3DS version and are appearing for the first time on the mobile version. These stages will be available till November 24th.

Finally, Tornadus makes its Pokemon Shuffle debut. You can only play this stage once per day, so make it count! It will be available until November 16th.

Two more updates are now live in Pokemon Shuffle. For the 3DS version, players can take on a stage involving Durant. There’s also a stage in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile for Shuckle.


A couple more updates are now live in Pokemon Shuffle. For the 3DS version, the Qwilfish stage has begun. And on Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, players can partake in the Kecleon stage.


More tidbits have been translated from Nikkei’s interview with Nintendo president and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima.

We already heard Kimishima’s mention that Nintendo has interest in bringing its mobile apps to over 100 countries (with eight supported languages). We also heard him mention that he believes Nintendo could exceed profits from the Wii and DS days.

In terms of what’s new, here’s what Kimishima said when asked when the localization of Nintendo’s mobile apps will take place:

“I want to do it as soon as possible. This is because our goal is to increase the number of My Nintendo members. It would be good if we reached one hundred or two hundred million members.”

Kimishima was also asked if Nintendo will lose money on Miitomo. He replied with the following:

“If you want to dress your Mii in certain outfits, it’ll be so that you can select and purchase them. Also, it will have game elements.”

Finally, Kimishima did briefly touch on NX. Of course, Nintendo won’t be talking about it until next year, but it “offers a totally new experience.” He also wants it to be adopted quicker than the 3DS and the Wii U.


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