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Developer Lizardcube’s lead programmer, Omar Cornut, spoke at length about the history of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap in a recent interview with Siliconera. Several topics were discussed, such as the transition of going from fan to developer and what the team behind the game wanted to change in the remake of the title.

Omar on his history with the title and how the project got started:

I’ve been tackling emulation of the Master System since 1999, and was always involved with hacking and reverse engineering games of this era. So, I built up that knowledge over time. A few years ago, I decided to use my spare time to start studying the code of the original game ROM. My desire, at the time, was to unearth unknown secrets. It is a game with lots of subtle secrets and behaviors. Players found and published lots of them, but nobody was quite sure that we had found everything. So, I started researching that from a low-level perspective, and eventually I understood enough about the game engine to consider making a remake from the angle of being extra faithful to it.

In 2014, I left my job at Media Molecule, and with that spare time I toyed around with loading data from the old game into a new engine. This was when I got in contact with Ben, who I had worked with years ago on Soul Bubbles (DS). I knew he was a fan of the series, and together we started experimenting with prototyping what a new version could be, and finding the right art style for it. Michael Geyre also joined us early, and he experimented with recreating the soundtrack.

A new video has appeared containing 34 minutes of footage from the recently-announced Switch game Battle Chasers: Nightwar. View the gameplay below.

Lizardcube and DotEmu held a joint Reddit AMA session today. Representatives of both companies touched on various topics, including developing for Switch, DLC, 3DS, and more.

We’ve collected the noteworthy comments from the Reddit AMA below. You can read the full thing here.

Zen Pinball developer Zen Studios has announced its first project for Switch. This spring, the company will publish Infinite Minigolf on the system alongside other platforms.

Infinite Minigolf lets players make their own course creations and experience plenty of customization options. Below is an overview:

“Using the robust toolset contained in the course editor, players are the creators, and can showcase their creative abilities to players all over the world! Players will place course tiles and a vast assortment of gameplay objects into beautifully crafted environments as they create amazing minigolf courses.

Players can participate in 8-player online multiplayer matchups, local multiplayer matchups, and a variety of fun single player modes. Unlock a huge selection of cool minigolf gear, discover fun powerups that elevate minigolf gameplay to new levels of excitement.

Infinite Minigolf features incredibly accurate ball physics, in addition to dazzling graphics and detailed environments, each with a distinct visual theme and gameplay features.”

Infinite Minigolf should be offered as an eShop download on Switch. Take a look at a new trailer for the game below.

Source: Zen Studios PR

Inti Creates has big plans in store for this year’s BitSummit. The company said today that it will not only reveal plans for Blaster Master Zero’s DLC, but also reveal two new games. It’s unclear if the unannounced titles will be on Nintendo platforms, though it’s certainly a possibility.

BitSummit will take place between May 20 and May 21. It will be held at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto.

Update: We actually have some news about the Wii U version. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled.

Ratalaika Games has brought several games to Wii U and 3DS. Now the publisher is preparing its first title for Switch: League of Evil.

The news was teased on Twitter earlier today:

You may recall that League of Evil was announced last year for Wii U and 3DS. Those versions haven’t made it out yet, as Ratalaika said it took some time to acquire the license for cross-play between Nintendo platforms and PC. In February, League of Evil was said to be hitting Wii U and 3DS “a little bit later on in the year”. It’s unclear what the status is currently, but we should be getting this Switch version at the very least.


Nintendo UK published their monthly eShop highlights video today. Here’s what was going on in the month the Switch was launched:

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap came out this week as a digital title on Switch. Lizardcube, the game’s developer, isn’t ruling out a physical version.

A new blog post states that the team is “investigating the possibility of doing a physical release later, however if it happens it probably wouldn’t be for all platforms/regions and may be in limited quantities.” Right now it “may or may not happen.”

Lizardcube said:

“The game is a digital download only. We are investigating the possibility of doing a physical release later, however if it happens it probably wouldn’t be for all platforms/regions and may be in limited quantities. We are looking into it; please bear we us that physical goods may not be at our reach and few studios at this point know how to manufacture them e.g. Switch games. So it may or may not happen.”


Ahead of its western launch next week, more lengthy footage of the downloadable Switch game Kamiko has surfaced. Another 40-minute video can be found below.

TumbleSeed is one of the next notable indie titles on Switch. To download it, you’ll need 427MB of free space on internal memory or a microSD card. TumbleSeed should be available on May 2 in both North America and Europe.