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Tales of Xillia Remastered rumor

Tales of Xillia Remastered could be appearing on Switch. Listings for the RPG have been spotted at three different retailers by Reddit user Jay_RPGee, though they’re all owned by the same company.

Other than the actual listing, there’s not much to go on. It’s unclear what the remastered version would include and when it would be launching.

Nintendo World Championships NES Edition review

System: Switch
Release date: July 18, 2024
Developer: Nintendo / indieszero
Publisher: Nintendo

Nintendo World Championships NES Edition was revealed by surprise a few months back, and now it’s finally available. In a way, this game is a kind of spiritual successor to the NES Remix games on Wii U and 3DS – they’re all made by the same developer, in fact. This time around, though, the game focuses on taking a more competitive approach to the genre. In doing so, it makes itself accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers, as well as introducing a bunch of classic NES games to a brand-new audience. Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition was made with a wide audience in mind, so there’s something here for everyone.

Under Night In-Birth II SysCeles Uzuki trailer

July 7: Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes previously revealed Uzuki as a DLC fighter, and a trailer for the character has now dropped. This comes ahead of the launch later this summer.

Here’s some information about the character:

Let's School trailer

PM Studios published the new Switch version of Let’s School this week, and we have the launch trailer. The video highlights the management sim and includes more footage.

You can expect the following from Let’s School:

Hot Lap Racing gameplay

Lots of gameplay is here for Hot Lap Racing, the latest racer for Switch. You can check out Career Mode with a number of different tracks across the footage.

Here’s an overview of the game with more information:

Bunny Garden physical

Bunny Garden originally launched on Switch earlier this year, but a physical version is now releasing in Asia – and English is fully supported.

This marks the first boxed version of the game. It did come to Switch back in April, but that was an eShop launch.

Best Pokemon games ranked

Today, we’re going over the best Pokemon games of all time – more specifically, the top 10 main series Pokemon games. Spin-offs don’t count for this particular list, but there are definitely plenty of those that are more than worth playing in the modern day.

The Pokemon series is, in a way, difficult to write about. At present, the series isn’t quite in a lull, per se, but it’s also most certainly not at its peak. Developing games is difficult, and for a never-ending media franchise like Pokemon, deadlines can be tough to meet. Over the past few years, titles like Sword and Shield and especially Scarlet and Violet have drawn criticism for several reasons. Though the design quality of individual Pokemon has remained strong, things like the graphics, performance, and postgame content have become somewhat inconsistent. This leads us to ask: what do you think are the best Pokemon games of all time? We’ve made our own list, so be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Bo Path of the Teal Lotus trailer

Fans interested in getting another look at Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus can now do so with a new launch trailer. The video celebrates the Metroidvania title, which saw its release this week.

Here’s an overview with a bunch of details:

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD 100 Percent Completion Guide

Today, we’re going over how to complete one of the most time-consuming challenges Nintendo has provided for us this year: Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD 100 percent completion.

At first glance, it might not seem like there’s a ton to do in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD after clearing the main story. This isn’t quite the case, however. Clearing the Dark Moon quest alone isn’t enough to earn you full 100 percent completion. When you do fully complete the game, you’ll have three gold medals on your profile at all times. These show to people you play with in multiplayer ScareScraper lobbies, too. Each gold medal is unlocked with a different set of criteria, and believe us – it’s going to take you a long time if you want to get all three. It took us around 50 hours, and that’s probably on the lower end of the time you can expect to burn here.

Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact Meruem, opening movie

We have not one, but two new Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact videos with the reveal of Meruem and the opening movie.

Meruem is the leader of the Chimera Ants and one of the series’ main antagonists. As for the opening movie, that’s what players will first see when the start the game.

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