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The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 45,509
New 3DS LL – 25,719
PS4 – 25,006
Vita – 7,780
2DS – 6,240
PS4 Pro – 5,051
New 3DS – 1,995
PS3 – 1,724
Wii U – 449
Xbox One – 187

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

Switch – 78,441
New 3DS LL – 29,771
PS4 – 25,472
Vita – 7,574
2DS – 6,722
PS4 Pro – 5,261
PS3 – 2,930
New 3DS – 2,866
Wii U – 411
Xbox One – 115

And here are the software charts:

HORI already prepared two Switch branded microSD cards for the system’s launch last month, offering 16GB and 32GB of storage. The company is working with Nintendo once again on a third option containing 64GB.

HORI’s 64GB microSD card is slated for release this month in Japan (tentatively planned for April 30). It’ll be priced at 6,458 yen.


In the original Splatoon, Judd was around at the end of matches as the results were presented. He’s back in Splatoon 2, but is also joined by another character.

Nintendo gave a glimpse at the other “judge” character that has been seen in past videos and the Testfire event today. In Japanese, the name is literally “Kojudge-kun” (that’ll likely be changed in English). He may look cute, but apparently it’s watching vigilantly for an opportunity to take Judd’s position. His origins are still shrouded in mystery, but will continue to be investigated.


LEGO City Undercover was published on Switch yesterday, but it also reached other new platforms – including the PlayStation 4. Get a look at how the two versions stack up against each other below.

This week is a busy one for Nintendo maintenance, and that will keep up by the end of the week. Even more maintenance will be taking place on Thursday / Friday impacting Switch, Wii U, and 3DS.

The schedule is as follows:

– 9 PM PT – 2 AM PT
– 12 PM ET – 5 AM ET
– 5 AM in the UK – 10 AM in the UK
– 6 AM in Europe – 11 AM in Europe

Like other maintenance happening throughout the week, certain network services such as online play and rankings may be affected.


Early on, one popular means of flying in Zelda: Breath of the Wild was done with Octo Balloons. YouTuber mety333 has taken things a significant step further by creating a unique contraption.

mety333 took a metal box and placed it on top of a minecart. Then with the power of Magnesis, he was able to fly across the map and even reach its highest point.

As you can see, there are still plenty of interesting discoveries to be made in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What will players think of next?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has one type of enemy in particular found in various places of the world that aren’t the easiest to overcome. But YouTuber GamingCrusader decided to up the challenge by not only taking on two at once, but also avoiding all damage entirely. Head past the break for more.

LEGO City Undercover is out today. Alongside the release, Warner Bros. and TT Games have prepared a patch for the game. Players can now download version 1.0.1.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what the update entails. It’s hefty though, requiring 479MB of space. We’ll let you know if we hear anything further about the update.

Update (4/4): Now up for pre-order on GameStop.

Original (4/3): A couple of months ago, Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez shared an image of Switch’s Home Menu. It depicted the icons of a few games: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, 1001 Spikes, Hydra, and Cave Story. We pretty much knew that last game was happening, but now it’s been made official.

Cave Story is coming to Switch as Cave Story+. Like The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, it will have a physical release.

Along with upgraded HD graphics, the game will have seven play modes such as Wind Fortress and Boss Rush, more than twenty boss battles, fifteen levels, ten unique weapons, and four unique endings.

Switch is getting Cave Story+ on June 20. Pricing is set at $29.99.

We’ve seen a few videos comparing the performance of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s before and after the new 1.1.1 patch came out last week. Digital Foundry now has its own video up as well, and explores both versions of the game – Switch and Wii U.

We once again see that Zelda has been given a noticeable boost on Switch. On Wii U though, the improvements aren’t quite as pronounced.

Here’s the full analysis:

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