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kirby and the forgotten land amiibo support

New information about Kirby and the Forgotten Land has explained how amiibo support works in the game.

We first heard about the amiibo plans last month. At the time though, actual information wasn’t provided. The official Japanese My Nintendo Store listing made note that amiibo features would be included, but that was all.

animal crossing collectors album

Animal Crossing fans in the UK will be happy to hear that the series’ amiibo cards are back in stock on the My Nintendo Store, and the latest collectors album is up for grabs.

At least for now, each of the five series is available. Additionally, those that pick up the Animal Crossing series 5 amiibo cards will receive the latest collectors album.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land amiibo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land saw a blowout sorts of today with a release date, new trailer, and details, but it’s also since been confirmed that amiibo support will be included.

The actual functionality behind the feature has yet to be revealed. However, on the official Japanese My Nintendo Store listing, there’s a clear mention of amiibo usage.

Animal Crossing amiibo cards series 5

During today’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, Nintendo shared more information about the series 5 of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Fans can pick up the latest pack on November 5.

48 cards will be included in the latest set. These include characters not previously found on amiibo cards as well as new ones.

Steve and Alex Minecraft Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo packaging

Nintendo’s official Japanese online store has posted the packaging for the upcoming Steve and Alex Minecraft amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Get a look at the design above.

At least in Japan, Nintendo will be selling the two figures as a double pack or as standalone products. The company has not clarified its distribution plans for North America and Europe.

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Steve Alex amiibo Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation for the reveal of Sora contained a small update on amiibo, and specifically for Steve and Alex from Minecraft. Yes, two separate figures will be produced. Both are planned for Spring 2022.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is done with its DLC fighters, but more amiibo will be released well into the future. Min Min, which we heard about previously, is due out in Spring 2022 as well.

Beyond that director Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed has also confirmed that Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya will be receiving figures. There’s no word on release timing at present.


metroid dread amiibo delay

The Metroid Dread amiibo won’t be ready for launch in Europe, as Nintendo announced a delay over on social media today.

The game, along with the new figures, were both planned for October 8. However, the amiibo have encountered “unforeseen shipping delays”, and the 2-pack of Samus and E.M.M.I. will now be available on November 5.

The full statement from Nintendo reads:

Metroid Dread amiibo

When Metroid Dread was unveiled at E3 2021 in June, we heard that new amiibo were planned featuring Samus Aran and E.M.M.I. Information was also provided soon after about how the new figures will work in the game.

Over on Nintendo’s Japanese website, additional details are provided regarding amiibo features in Metroid Dread. It covers how the original Metroid series as well as the Super Smash Bros. figures work in-game.

Here’s the full rundown:

animal crossing amiibo cards restock

Nintendo has announced another restock of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards for North America.

Starting in early September, Target will be carrying the cards once again. The first four sets will be appearing on store shelves once more for $5.99. Unfortunately, Target is indeed the exclusive retailer for this one. Since Nintendo specified “early September”, you may want to keep an eye on your local store as early as today. At the moment it doesn’t look like the cards will be available online, but we’ll let you know if anything changes on that front.


zelda loftwing amiibo restock

A restock of the Zelda & Loftwing amiibo is available thanks to Amazon. The retailer is accepting new orders here. We wanted to confirm that this would remain live for some time before posting, and we can confirm it’s been up for several hours.

While the figure is certainly nice to look at, it offers compatibility with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Players can scan the amiibo from anywhere on the surface world to quickly travel to the sky, and it even works within dungeons. Then by scanning it again above the clouds, you can return to the same spot on the surface.

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