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Resident Evil cloud

Capcom has announced a slew of Resident Evil games for Switch that are planned as cloud titles.

Resident Evil Village is due out first on October 28. A demo goes live on the eShop today. The Winters’ Expansion DLC follows on December 2.

Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3 will also be releasing on Switch as cloud games this year.

Touch controls were a staple of many handheld Monster Hunter entries, which left many fans wondering why the control options weren’t quite as expansive in Monster Hunter Rise. In a recent interview with Nintendo Dream, Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose explained that as the Switch is a hybrid console, control choices largely stemmed from the fact the team had to develop with both handheld and docked play in mind.

Below is a translation of Ichinose’s full explanation, as well as other tidbits he shared about developing the game on Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine.

Monster Hunter Rise Sonic collaboration

Monster Hunter Rise features a variety of different crossover event quests and had guests from other Capcom properties like Street Fighter, Okami and Mega Man, but there was one collaboration in particular that stood out: the Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary quest. In an interview with Nintendo Dream, director Yasunori Ichinose explained how Sonic fans on the team prepared and submitted different ideas to SEGA, who ultimately greenlit the collaboration.

We’ve translated Ichinose’s account of the crossover below.

resident evil 4 camera masahiro sakurai

Resident Evil 4 has earned a ton of acclaim over the years, but it was apparently Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai who was the first to praise the game’s camera.

That news came about during a discussion with Shinji Mikami and Jun Takeuchi. Mikami was the original director of Resident Evil 4 while Takeuchi has worked on several different entries in the series.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose recently sat down with Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream to share some tidbits about the game’s development. The game actually began its development back on the 3DS, with a small team experimenting with modifications to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The same part of the discussion also gives insight into how the situation with COVID impacted development.

Below are a translation of Ichinose’s comments from the interview:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update 11.0.2

Capcom just released another update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on Switch, bringing the game to version 11.0.2.

Various bug fixes and adjustments are included here for the player and more. We have the full patch notes below.

Monster Hunter Rise Flaming Espinas

Flaming Espinas is joining Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Capcom has announced. The creature will be appearing as part of the second free update.

Here’s a trailer showing Flaming Espinas in action:

Capcom has shared yet another sales update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as the title has now sold over 4 million units worldwide. This includes sales for both the Switch and PC versions of the game.

In celebration, a new item pack containing helpful items in the form of Max Potions, Mega Barrel Bombs, Great Whetfish, Heavy Armor Spheres and Golden Eggs will be released to players tomorrow.

Capcom TGS 2022 lineup

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is just a month away, and Capcom has now provided its initial lineup for the show. For Switch owners, the highlights will be Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Exoprimal
and Street Fighter 6 will be playable as well.

Capcom isn’t planning any stage shows, but it will have different online presentations. The one we’ll highlight begins at 11 PM Japan time on September 15, which will cover various news from the company.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak 11.0.1 patch notes

Capcom has provided the official patch notes for the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 11.0.1, which was just announced for release tomorrow.

Players will be gaining access to a ton of content, including new monsters, quests, a new quest system, and more. That’s on top of the regular wave of bug fixes.

The full patch notes for the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak version 11.0.1 update are as follows:

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