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When Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was announced, it came with the disappointing news that the project wasn’t planned – at least initially – for Nintendo platforms. However, a notice on the Kickstarter page gave a small hint/hope that something such as a Wii U version could be possible if funds reached a certain amount.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been reaching stretch goals regularly on Kickstarter, and one of the latest updates suggests that a Wii U edition could be in the cards. Fans have been analyzing the new stretch goal image (shown above), which seems to show the top of the Wii U logo at $3 million. That’s not confirmed, but it appears to be the general consensus at the moment.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has raised almost $2.5 million on Kickstarter. If what people are speculating turns out to be accurate, then that means only $500,000 extra would be needed for a Wii U version.

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Castlevania has a long-standing history on Nintendo platforms. So the hope was that the next game from Koji Igarashi, one of the series’ main creator, would end up on a Nintendo system.

Igarashi finally announced “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” today in partnership with Inti Creates after several days of teasing. The current plan is only to make the project for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. However, a Nintendo version hasn’t been ruled out entirely.

On the game’s Kickstarter page, a statement from the Q&A says the following about why the campaign doesn’t include support for Nintendo systems:

Our budget left us with two options: Build the biggest, most beautiful game we can, or make sure it runs everywhere from the start. As things stand today, we can’t afford to create the two separate versions of this game that would be necessary to make it run on every console. That said, we’ve heard legends about a remarkable treasure hidden in the castle basement…

That sounds somewhat encouraging! Perhaps if the Kickstarter campaign clears its initial stretch goals, a Nintendo version might be something that will be given greater consideration – especially given that last sentence, and how the stretch goals are constructed at present:


You can check out Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Kickstarter here. If there’s any concrete news about a Nintendo version, we’ll have it right here on the site.

Comcept have publisher another update on the development process of the upcoming Mighty No. 9.

First of are more voice actors announcements, this time for the characters of Mighty No. 7 (played by J P Karliak), Mighty No. 8 (played by Steve Blum), Dr. Sanda (played by Dave Wittenberg), Dr. White (played by Jason Spisak) and Mr. Graham (played by Scott Whyte). Check out their performances in the video below:

Comcept also announced the full Japanese cast for the game:

Mighty No. 1 Pyrogen:Wataru Takagi
Mighty No. 2 Cryosphere:Misaki Kuno
Mighty No. 3 Dynatron:Miyuki Sawashiro
Mighty No. 4 Seismic:Tetsu Inada
Mighty No. 5 Battalion:Naomi Kusumi
Mighty No. 6 Aviator:Showtaro Morikubo
Mighty No. 7 Brandish:Koki Uchiyama
Mighty No. 8 Countershade:Hochu Otsuka
Mighty No. 9 Beck:Ayumu Murase
Dr. White:Junichi Suwabe
Dr. Sanda:Akio Suyama
Seijiro Sanda:Akio Suyama
Mr. Graham:Takehito Koyasu
Dr. Blackwell:Motomu Kiyokawa


Finally, Comcept published an FAQ about the recently announced fact that Mighty No.9 will be published by Deep Silver.

Q: When will backer rewards go out?

A: All backer rewards will go out to coincide with the release date.

Q: Is it too late to change my console/platform or choice, or to update my shipping address for physical rewards?

A: It’s not too late! We will send out a final platform selection survey closer to Mighty No. 9’s release date, you can use this survey to finalize your console/platform of choice. You have two options for updating your address information:

1) Look for a confirmation message in your email, subject line “Confirmation for Order KICKMIGHTYNO9-#XXXXXX”, with the X’s representing your personal identification code. That should have a link to the survey where you can update your address.

2) Fangamer will send out a final address confirmation survey prior to shipping, so please be on the lookout for that a couple months before release!

Q: Can I upgrade my Kickstarter pledge to the recently-announced physical version?

A: The new physical retail version is manufactured and distributed by Deep Silver, and is separate from the disc, USB add-ons and other rewards offered during the original Kickstarter campaign. Therefore, the retail version is not applicable towards redemption of Kickstarter backer rewards.

Q: That’s not fair, I backed at the ____ level to get a USB/disc/etc. because there wasn’t a physical version! You should let me change/update my pledge!

A: While we love that you’re excited from Deep Silver’s retail release of Mighty No. 9, the aforementioned separation between Kickstarter and retail versions currently makes this impossible: As of now, the process involves two different manufacturers (Fangamer and Deep Silver) and multiple distributors (Humble Bundle, and Deep Silver’s regional distributors) for the Kickstarter and retail versions of the game. That’s why making this change would not as simple as upgrading your pledge. That being said, rest assured that your feedback has been heard and passed on to the appropriate channels.

Check out the full update here.

Mighty No. 9 will be released for Wii U this September, with a 3DS version to follow at a later date.


Comcept’s Keiji Inafune appeared at the Tokyo Indie Fest to demonstrate new footage from Mighty No. 9. You can check it out in the video below.


Comcept and Deep Silver released a few screenshots from Mighty No. 9. We’ve attached them below.

Mighty No. 9 boxart

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Deep Silver and Comcept have released the boxart for Mighty. No 9. You can take a look at it below.



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Mighty No. 9 launches for Wii U and other platforms on September 15 in North America and September 18 in other territories, Comcept announced today. Portable versions, including 3DS, “will follow at a later date.” Today’s announcement also confirms that Comcept has teamed up with Deep Silver for publishing duties, and the game will be sold at retail.

Comcept originally hoped to have Mighty No. 9 ready this spring, but the extra time and partnership with Deep Silver allows for extra things. The title will feature Japanese and French voiceovers, extra subtitles languages, and the entire Ray DLC set – featuring an extra level, boss, and playable characters. All of this content will be free to Kickstarter backers and those who purchase the physical version.

Head past the break for a Q&A explaining why Comcept partnered with Deep Silver, why Mighty No. 9 is delayed, and the 3DS delay.

Inti Creates announced on Twitter today that Azure Striker Gunvolt has now been downloaded over 110,000 times. To celebrate the milestone, one of the game’s character artists created a new piece, which we’ve attached above.

Inti Creates’ Twitter message reads:

Azure Striker Gunvolt reached 90,000 downloads back in January. It was later confirmed in mid-March that there had been over 100,000 downloads.


USGamer put up a massive piece that recounts the history of Inti Creates. There are plenty of quotes mixed in from Takuya Aizu, the company’s president.

One of the more interesting topics concerns Mega Man Zero. Aizu first explains how Inti Creates originally wanted to kill off X, but Capcom intervened.

The main concept that we wanted to explore was Zero killing X. We wanted to come up with something really sensational. There was something about Mega Man Zero at first that we felt wasn’t quite right — it wasn’t true to our idea of the character. So we tried to resolve that by coming up with this dramatic concept.

Within the team, there was no resistance at all. In fact, right up until we went to master the game, the plot played out with Zero defeating X. However, Capcom as a company… it didn’t serve well for the company to have a series in which X is the hero and then another title where that same hero gets killed off. And so because of that, at the very, very, very end, like right before we sent the game to be manufactured, we had to change it so that the X that Zero kills was actually a copy. We didn’t have time to change the game play, though, so just the story changed slightly.

Comcept and Inti Creates have prepared another round of character voice samples for Mighty No. 9. This time around, we’re able to hear No. 4, No. 5, No. 6 and Call. You can listen to all of the new voice clips below.


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