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A few new Forbidden Magna details have come in from Marvelous. You can find them rounded up below.

– Manage Spirit Girls in combat and make sure they’re comfortable at the inn
– Put together your party before battling
– The party consists of characters you’ll want to take into combat
– Here, you can check out various stats and skills for each character
– Missions have various objectives
– Ex: “destroy all the generators!”
– The Spirit Girls acquire powerful special attacks by deepening their bonds with the protagonist Lux
– Do so by having conversations with them during their off-time at the inn
– If you see a heart symbol above their head, that means there’s a chance you can increase relationship parameters
– Spend time at the inn when not battling
– Inn has the front room and dining area on the left, and the kitchen to the right


The latest batch of Senran Kagura 2 screenshots focuses on the characters Rin and Daigouji, to compliment yesterday’s trailer.


Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki has shared a look at Senran Kagura 2’s four-disc soundtrack, which is a first-print bonus. You can find the images in our gallery above.

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Marvelous AQL announced back in April that the company’s name would be modified slightly to simply “Marvelous”. That change is now official today. The company hopes that by becoming Marvelous, its brand will be strengthened.



Siliconera has translated some details about Wraith’s Den in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. Check out the information in our summary below.

– Take on monster-filled stages
– Earn loot in return
– Grid-based stage system
– Clear out the room with monsters to advance to the next stages
– Access adjacent rooms after beating a stage
– Clear a stage by reducing the number of monsters to 0 or defeat the boss
– Number of monsters is located on the top-left of the screen
– Characters keep the same amount of health they had left over from the previous stage
– Can recover health in 3 ways
– First way is by transforming
– Doing this lets you completely regain your health once
– The second way is by activating Meiken
– When this happens, the character also gains a temporary buff along with a draining effect, but it also takes away your scroll meter
– Third way to recover health is by defeating certain enemies that drop Onigiri rice balls
– Some stages won’t have enemies at all
– By clearing certain stages, you can acquire all kinds of different weapons
– These weapons aren’t restricted to the characters you select


Senran Kagura Burst sold “really well” for XSEED, according to the publisher’s Jimmy Soga. The 3DS game’s performance has led to the localization of the PS Vita titles Shinovi Versus and Bon Appetit.

Soga added that if Senran Kagura continues to do well for XSEED, “we want to continue with the series.” That would hopefully mean a western release for Senran Kagura 2 on 3DS would be possible.

We’re taking it case by case. Senran Kagura Burst did really well. It was download only, but there’s enough to say there is a US audience for it that’s why we went with Shinovi Versus. It’s sort of risky, but we localized Bon Appétit at the same time. We think there is a core audience for it, but it’s case by case for now. If these sell well enough of course we want to continue with the series.