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The latest Xenoblade Chronicles X tweets from earlier today have been translated and they give us a small bit more insight on their thoughts about Tatsu and a fun tidbit about their homepage.


We had a new plush made for Tatsu… but at the start of development, there were actually quite a few arguments about whether we should put Nopon in the game or not.

Then the event planners started pushing lots of Nopon-related ideas, and in the end, Takahashi joined in on the fun and came up with the character of Tatsu. Now, we’re really glad that we put them in the game after all.

By the way, have you noticed that the top image on the homepage can be changed? Try clicking the < or > to the left and right of the main visual!


We posted a translation of the Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Presentation last week, but the video below takes things to another level. Even the menus have been translated!

We’ll also mention in passing that the Xenoblade Chronicles X short stories from the Japanese website have been translated. You can find them here and here.

Another round of Xenoblade Chronicles X details – featuring equipment and races – have been translated from the official website. We’ve rounded them up below (thanks Siliconera).


– Arms Company is located at the shopping district
– Arms Company sells and develops equipment for characters and Dolls
– There are companies such as the Sakuraba Heavy Industry, Granada GG, and Meledes & Co
– You can choose to support certain companies and have them make newer and better gear by leveling them up
– Companies can be upgraded by offering them all-purpose minerals known as Miranium
– This can also be done by using a company’s weapon and acquiring Commercial Points by defeating enemies
– Can also request upgrades with the Affix Enhancement feature
– Do this by offering various material found throughout Mira, and providing them to upgrade accessories
– There are slots for equipment
– You can use to input “Devices” into the as power-ups and effects to the gear
– This is also done by finding material in Mira, then making the Device with them
– The Arms Company can make brand new equipment by giving them rare material


The Nopon

– Indigenous to Planet Mira
– Nopon are known for traveling around the planet in their caravan to sell merchandise

The MaNon

– The MaNon are Peaceful extraterrestrials with highly advanced technology

The Vaias

– Vaias are hostile toward humans
– Vaias are one of the more aggressive groups of extraterrestrials on Planet Mira


Towards the end of last week’s Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Presentation, a new female alien was shown. Here’s what director Koh Kojima shared on Twitter about her today:

“You must be wondering who that squid-headed female alien at the end of the battle video was, huh? You can tell she’s an evil creature. She’s very popular with the development staff. We think she turned into a really cool character. The design was made by Yoko Tsukamoto by the way.”

We’ve talked about Tsukamoto on here previously. In Japan, Tsukamoto is a well-known fantasy illustrator.


New information regarding battles in Xenoblade Chronicles X have come through the game’s official website. Find a summary of details below, courtesy of Siliconera.

– Melee and ranged attacks
– Option to perform auto-attacks of course
– Can destroy parts of enemies to make fights easier and acquire some items
– Melee weapon-types include: Knife, Long Sword, Shield, Dual Sword, Javelin, Photon Saber, and more
– Shooting weapon-types: Assault Rifle, Dual Gun, Sniper Rifle, Ray Gun, Psycho Launcher, and more
– Character information shown on the top-left of the screen
– Upper part shows more of the enemy, such as how they aggro, their level, name, and HP
– Bottom shows Arts Palette, followed by what type of weapon you’re currently using, and an indicator that tells you your position against the enemy you’re facing or have targeted
– TP (Tension Point): fills up when you auto-attack
– Inner Level: indicates the character’s raw power
– Class Rank: indicates the character’s current class rank
– Target Enemy: Selects the closest enemy to target
– Draw Weapon: Unsheathes weapon to commence combat
– Target Lock: Will have character and view focus on the target
– Switch Target: Used to switch targets when there are multiple enemies
– Parts Lock: Used to continue aiming for a certain part of an enemy
– Switch Weapon: Switches between melee and shooting weapons
– Arts: Launches a special ability from the character
– By using 1,000 TP, they’ll use an even more powerful Arts (the Tension Arts)
– Help Up: By using 3,000 TP, you can revive a fallen comrade
– Ally Commands: Give orders to your party, such as “concentrate attacks” or “gather,” and more
– Indicate Battle Menu: Give specific commands to individual party members or the entire party
– These include “go with melee,” “go with shooting,” “get in your Doll,” and other specific commands
– There’s also an emergency escape option that will take 15 seconds to make a run, leading you to the nearest landmark
– Retreat: Makes you stop attacking, allowing for a retreat to safety


A new track from Xenoblade Chronicles X was uploaded to the game’s Japanese website. Check it below. We also have a few images (a mix of large and small) below.


Two more tweets were added to the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account today. In his latest messages, director Koh Kojima talks more about the Soul Voice battle feature and dialogue.

Here’s the full translation:

Soul Voice, as thoroughly introduced during the Battle Presentation, will allow for lively battles, expanding on Xenoblade. It was hard work coming up with character-specific dialogue for the 20 avatar voices + the the set sub-characters, in addition to the audio recording of all of it which was also an effort. …Yes, the Soul Voice dialogue will vary depending on the personality of your avatar.