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The last couple of Fire Emblem games all received a separate soundtrack release, and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will soon follow in their footsteps. The soundtrack album will be available for purchase in Japan on October 25th for 5,300 Yen. It comes on five discs, four music discs and one data disc (which contains a selection of songs in mp3 format as well as the game’s opening movie in HD) with over five hours of music.

Not only does this album contain the completes Shadows of Valentia soundtrack, it also comes with all the songs from the original NES game Fire Emblem Gaiden as well as the Fire Emblem Cipher main theme and instrumental and English versions of “The Heritors of Arcadia”.

The soundtrack also comes with some physical goodies, such as a five postcards, a stickerbook and an exclusive Fire Emblem Cipher Alm & Celica card. Finally, the included booklet has song lyrics as well as a look at the history of Fire Emblem Echoes’ sound team.

Check out the video below to listen to a preview of the album:

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Via their official blog, Platinum Games announced today that both volumes of the official The Wonderful 101 Original Soundtrack won’t be available on digital storefronts after December 31st. Platinum Games did not state a reason for this. Nonetheless, some key figures at Platinum Games took this chance to reminisce about the soundtrack. First up is director Hideki Kamiya:

I’m sad to say that TW101’s soundtrack is being taken out of distribution. I hope, though, that this announcement reaches as many people as possible and introduces new fans to TW101 and its soundtrack. I’d like to apologize in advance to anyone who, years from now, finds out about TW101 and gets disappointed to see that its original soundtrack isn’t available.

I’ve said this before, but if there’s one phrase that sums up TW101’s soundtrack, “hymns to heroism” would be it. As you’ve probably figured out if you’ve played TW101, I’ve loved superheroes ever since I was a kid. I’ve been blessed with several chances to make games about them throughout my career, even before TW101. But TW101 is the game where I really crammed in as much as I could of what makes heroes so appealing – both their aesthetics, and how they inspire us and give us something to aspire to – to capture what heroes mean to me.

So of course we put special care into the background music that colors the game as well. Superheroes shoulder the burdens of the whole world, and they risk their lives to fight for those weaker than themselves. Their souls shine bright. We aimed to express this through a symphonic orchestral sound, and the result of all our composers’ hard work was a lot of brilliant music.

The tracks appear on the soundtrack in the same order they’re used in the game, so you can experience the heroic story of the Wonderful Ones and their thrilling battles just by listening to it. This goes out to people who’ve played the game, of course, but also to people who haven’t played it yet: Please close your eyes and listen, imagining the heroes’ brief but tumultuous journey, and rally your own fighting spirit to Unite Up and face tomorrow.

…And oh yeah, please share this announcement with everyone you can, because again, I’d love for it to reach as many people as possible. Let’s give everyone a chance to get this special soundtrack before it’s gone.

Head past the break for a comment from Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the game’s composer:

FAST Racing NEO was one of the most acclaimed indie games on Wii U in recent years, and a part of that was certainly its energetic soundtrack. If you can’t get enough of the game’s music, you can now buy the entire 80-minute soundtrack online at this link. The minimum price you’ll have to pay is 5$ – but if you want to support developer Shin’en Multimedia, you can pay more if you want to. The soundtrack is DRM free and available as both MP3 and FLAC files. If you’re undecided, you can listen to a 30 second preview of each track as well.


Update: Head past the break for the full lineup of songs.

Nintendo announced today that the full soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be available to purchase in Japan on July 27th for a price of 4611 yen. You may remember that a limited selection soundtrack was packaged with the game’s limited edition, but this release will contain all of the game’s 108 tracks. It will be released on three discs – disc 1 containing 40 tracks, disc 2 containing 37 tracks and disc 3 containing 31 tracks.

The soundtrack release will also contain a poster; first print copies will also contain a badge depicting Link.

On April 27th, the soundtrack for Fire Emblem Fates will be available for purchase in Japan. For 6800 Yen, you’ll get a total of 134 tracks on 7 CDs. Also included is a DVD which contains all of the game’s cutscenes and tracks from the DLC and amiibo stages.

fire emblem fates soundtrack discs

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Update: Added the reversible covers and some more info.

Splatoon is a huge hit, especially in Japan, and its unique musical style is definitely a big part of that. It’s not a big surprise then that the soundtrack, titled “Splatune”, will soon be available to buy in Japan. It will be released by famous publisher Kadokawa on October 21st for 3,456 yen.

Its two discs will include 61 songs – 37 music tracks, 10 jingle tracks and 14 sound effect tracks. It will also come with a booklet featuring comments from the development staff and additional reversible covers. Check those out in the gallery below.

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Available for Club Nintendo of Europe members for a limited time you can get the Original Soundtrack for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.



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