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Super Metroid

It’s been more than two weeks since the launch of Metroid Dread, and while the hype has settled down a little, I imagine that now’s a good time to analyze the game in a more grounded perspective. I decided to put Dread to the ultimate test: is it better than Super Metroid? It made sense to think about them in this way since Super Metroid is still the most acclaimed entry in the series and it is often used as a reference for a good Metroid game.

In today’s video, I discuss how both Metroid Dread and Super Metroid are products of their time, with each one hitting the right spots in different moments. Watch until the end to see my personal conclusion and share yours in the comments.

Shumpalations has translated a classic interview with Yasuhiko Fujii. Fujii previously worked at Nintendo, and more specifically, on Super Metroid as a programmer.

At one point, Fujii was asked if there were any scenes in Super Metroid that were his ideas. That prompted him to recall how he snuck in a reference to a girl he was dating by the movement pattern of a certain group of Evir enemies.

Nintendo has released an English version of the third interview conducted to celebrate the Super NES Classic Edition. This time, Super Metroid gets the focus. Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto and sound designer Kenji Yamamoto participated in the discussion.

Sakamoto and Yakamoto delve into the making of Super Metroid in the new interview. There’s talk about how the project came to be, the approach to creating baby Metroid sounds, and how hectic things got towards the end stages of development – including staffers taking turns sleeping and working during Christmas.

Continue on below for the full interview.

Earlier this month we posted some off-screen footage of Super Metroid on the New 3DS Virtual Console with its release in Europe. There’s now some direct-feed gameplay available – see below.

In Europe, Super Metroid was added to the New 3DS Virtual Console earlier today. A few minutes of off-screen footage is in the video below.

In Metroid Prime’s original GameCube version, players can unlock the original Metroid by connecting a GBA system. We’ve heard rumors about Retro Studios planning something similar with Super Metroid, but that’s only just now been confirmed.

It turns out that Retro did indeed have Super Metroid up and running. Sadly though, Nintendo wouldn’t allow for its inclusion since it was using a third-party emulator. That does make some sense, as it wasn’t a tool that the company personally owned.

The composer Sam Dillard, will be releasing an album called Metroid Cinematic and will be an homage to what he calls his all time favorite game Super Metroid. The album will be available on iTunes this October.

Here is a quote form the composer himself about his project;

“The concept is somewhere between a faithful rendition of the classic themes and what a Metroid film might sound like if I worked on it. Since I am really a filmmaker and storyteller at heart, nearly all of my work from the audio to the visual spectrum stems from a sort of movie-oriented direction. So this album is really focused on the idea of telling a story and providing a tangible atmosphere through the music.”


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