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Big John Games created a new Cube Creator 3D trailer to show the game’s new 1.1 update. We’ve posted it below.

Big John Games has passed along more details plus screenshots pertaining to Cube Creator 3D version 1.1. Here’s the latest from the studio:

– 2 new environments: Fantasia and Inferno
– Fantasia: massive multi-colored trees sprouting from a rolling landscape
– Inferno: lava-filled atmosphere surrounded by a rocky, mountainous terrain with floating basalt islands above
– New enemies in these environments
– 3 new block types: marble, basalt (volcanic rock), and purple leaves
– Can collect light and dark tree wood in Survival Mode
– You can also gather coal and diamond ore
– 3 different texture packs
– New music
– Each world has a different selection of tracks
– Ladders added in the update
– Players can now ascend walls with the use of ladders rather than having to build steps/stairs
– Grass will now spread to other nearby grass in the update
– Liquid cube editing is also enhanced: water and lava can be targeted/stacked/removed directly
– Performance has been improved
– Fly faster
– Add/subtract cubes faster in Creative Mode
– Customize Survival Mode campaign
– Select which four worlds you’d like to explore at the start, including saved Creative environments
– Transfer worlds between Creative and Survival Mode
– Enhanced loading/modifying worlds
– Bug fixes

Below are the new screenshots:

Cube Creator 3D’s new update is out today in North America. In Europe, the actual game is slated for August 20.

Splatoon version 2.0.0 came out last night. In case you’re curious about its file size, keep in mind that it’s a 280 MB download. I imagine most of the Splatoon players out there have already downloaded the update at this point!


The 2.0.0 update is now available for Splatoon. If you have the game, be sure to download it!

Lots has been added with today’s new update. Nintendo has introduced Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options, increased the level cap and maximum rank, added new weapon types, and provided new gear.

Be sure to read up on the patch notes for the finer points concerning today’s update.

Note: maintenance is still undergoing. You’ll be unable to play online until that’s all complete (roughly 45 minutes from now).

Update (8/5): Bumped to the top. We’ve added in Nintendo’s official translation of the patch notes. It’s largely the same as what we had before, but I figured some of you would be interested in what Nintendo has written!

Original (8/2): Nintendo is bringing out a new update for Splatoon on Wednesday (Thursday in Europe). Version 2.0.0 introduces Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options, bumps up the level cap, adds new gear, and more.

Nintendo has now provided the full patch notes for Splatoon’s upcoming update on its Japanese website. The full translation can be found below (thanks frozenpandaman.


Update: Below are a few details about the update:

– Version 1.1
– 846 blocks
– New level called Lucky Balloon
– This takes you to where uncaught Pokemon are more likely to appear
– You need at least Rank 33 to get it and it takes 20 hours to recharge
– A special password has been released to receive 100 PokeDiamonds for Japan: 32831175
– The PokeDiamond Digger in the town now gives 40 PokeDiamonds a day rather than the 20 previously obtained


There’s a new update for Pokemon Rumble World available on the 3DS eShop. We don’t have much information currently in terms of specifics, but we’ll let you if we come across additional information.


Update: Here’s another video:

IGN has managed to get its hands on Splatoon’s August update well ahead of its launch tomorrow evening. Check out 14 minutes of footage below.


The New 3DS version of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth suffered from some issues at launch. For example, users encountered invisible enemies and music that randomly stopped playing.

It’s true that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth did recently get an update on New 3DS to address the game’s technical bugs. Unfortunately, however, a new and major problem has cropped up. We’re hearing that a glitch was added with the latest update that crashes the game and forces players to reboot their system every few minutes. Let’s hope Nicalis comes out with another patch soon!


Nintendo came out with a new Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS update last night. We know that it added things like new stages, Mii Fighter outfits, and features. But subtler changes were made when it comes to the roster.

The folks over on Reddit’s Smash Bros. page have compiled a huge listing of stat modifications for the different characters. If you’d like to give it a look, head past the break. You can also find it on Reddit here.

Swords & Soldiers II has received a new update. Version 1.1 is out now, and it adds several new languages. The game now supports Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Ronimo Games tweeted out the update news just a couple of minutes ago:


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