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Cypronia has shared a new trailer video for Cube Life: Island Survival showing the game’s upcoming 1.1 update. Take a look at the video below.

13AM Games is completely finished with Runbow’s development, but the company hasn’t stopped working on the title all together. Writing in a Reddit AMA, producer Dave Proctor mentioned that more content – including costumes and levels – will be added in the future. Additionally, any issues that crop up will be addressed as well.

Proctor mentioned:

“We’re planning new content right now and we’ll be making announcements very very soon. Suffice it to say we will continue to fix issues if there are any, and we want you guys to know that we are appreciative for all of your support. Definitely new costumes and levels down the road.”

13AM Games also expressed some interest in the 3DS during the AMA session, and also left the door open to a Runbow sequel. You can read the full Q&A here.

Runbow launched today on the North American Wii U eShop. The European release is set for September, and a specific date will be announced in the very near future.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be getting a patch on New 3DS alongside tomorrow’s eShop update. Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez sharing the news on Twitter just a few moments ago, writing:

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has been suffering from some technical issues on New 3DS, so hopefully tomorrow’s update will correct things.


Cypronia has been hard at work on Cube Life: Island Survival’s first major update. Version 1.1 is now on track or September, and several new features will be added in along with fixes.

Below are the updated patch notes:

– Local multiplayer (GamePad vs Wii U Pro controller + TV)
– 3 modes for multiplayer (deathmatch, tower defense, coop)
– Wii U Pro Controller support
– Pets
– 100 new items added like swords, doors, furniture, etc
– 1st person / 3rd person / Selfie view
– More animals and enemies
– 56 new maps for the Survival mode- added rain
– 20% faster loading time
– faster engine +10 fps average

Issues fixed:
– added Invert Yaxis button
– arrows do not go through walls
– Bale of Hay fixed crash
– added HDR effect ON/OFF button
– fixed drowning on land issue
– Better tool durability (axes, armor…)
– Hunger and thirsty drop slowly
– Fixed flood after loading issue
– Animal drop items more frequently
– Increased gravity, when you fall
– less agressive cannibals at beginning

Creative Mode fixes:
– Icons do not change position
– added explosives
– added stairs
– added Flat terrain feature
– Water on/off button
?- more color blocks

Thanks to ngamer87 for the tip.


ZeNfA Productions has brought out a third patch for ZaciSa’s Last Stand. The update makes improvements to the game as well as some gameplay changes. Additionally, the title is now in sync with the European version.

Here’s the full change log:


  • The game has been improved upon to allow for even smoother experience. Even more crazy moments, like multiple Tesla Coils and Triple Enemy spawns barely lag at all.
  • The maps: PING 1.5+, BLOK DROP U & Pollux System all have their starting money increased to allow for a better experience.
  • Bot Changes:
  • Tesla Coil now has slightly increased power.
  • Drone now has slightly increased power.
  • Bot Upgrades: Costs for upgrades are at a lower rate to allow for more upgrades. This only effects late stage upgrades, early level upgrades are still the same.
  • Game Over Changes
  • Money no longer provides as big of bonus to your score as it used to.
  • Max score bonus from leftover money is now capped as well.
  • Outstanding loans no longer hurt your final score as much either.
  • These changes provide some fairness to the game scores.


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s most recent patch brought about some major issues on New 3DS. After users began updating their game, some began encountering severe crashing issues.

We do at least know that another new patch is coming soon. Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez said on Twitter earlier today that it’s now with Nintendo for final testing.

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HullBreach Studios has published a trailer for SDK Paint’s new version. For those who purchased the title previously, it will be made available as a free update. Check out the video below.

Elliot Quest just recently received a patch that adds elements like the Miiverse Journal and the ability to change the control scheme. Unfortunately, however, it also brought about a major issue. After applying the latest update, players are unable to progress past the Desert area.

A fix has already been submitted to Nintendo, which is tentatively scheduled for release on August 19. PlayEveryWare apologized for the inconvenience caused in an official Miiverse post.

Here’s the full message from PlayEveryWare:


Nintendo will be releasing an update for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in Japan next month. Once applied, players will be able to take advantage of new network functions.

The update makes it possible to show houses you’ve made to others. Additionally, these players can visit your room and give it a rank. Searching by different rankings is also possible.

It’s not yet known when the update will be available in the west, though we have several weeks to go before Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches overseas in any case.

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Life of Pixel has been received a new patch. On Miiverse, developer Super Icon talked about what’s changed.

The new update primarily addresses bugs and makes minor fixes. Additionally, players can now switch sound between the TV and GamePad.

Below is Super Icon’s full Miiverse note:


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