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Nintendo prepared a new update for Steel Diver: Sub Wars today, bringing the game to version 4.1. It should take up 326 blocks or so.

With the 4.0 patch, the following change was made:

– Submarine diving and surfacing angles The angle of a sub when it dives or surfaces will not be as steep, which makes it easier to evade frontal attacks.

Today’s update changes things again it has returned to 3.0 settings for the angle of a sub when it surfaces. This appears to be the only modification from the newest patch.


The online experience in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS will continue to be improved. However, director Masahiro Sakurai has indicated that there will not be any additional balance patches.

Sakurai told Famitsu in this week’s issue:

—In the future, do you plan on adjusting or balancing the game further through a patch?

Sakurai: We don’t have any such plans, but at the very least we will be working on a few things connected to the online play experience, bit by bit.

If we were to do something like tweak characters’ customized special moves, then there’d be no end to it. But with that said, if there are any glaring issues, we may address them.

—That’s because with customized special moves or items, you can only play with them enabled online with players who are in your friends list, isn’t that right?

Sakurai: When playing with your personal friends, I think it’s probably more interesting that you can almost cheat a little through customizing your character. *Laughs*


Eclipse Games has prepared a new patch for Super Toy Cars. It’s currently available in Europe, and it should arrive in North America soon.

The update improves collision detection, adds leaderboards, and addresses various bugs.

Here’s the official Miiverse update post from Eclipse Games:


The YouTube app has received an update. It doesn’t look like too much has changed, though there’s now a little scroll noise when selecting a video to be displayed. The YouTube icon has also been refreshed and is now all red.


Steel Diver: Sub Wars has received its version 4.0 update. Like today’s Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire patch, it can be downloaded from the eShop. You can get a look at what’s new by checking out the attached Miiverse post above from director Takaya Imamura.


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have now received the version 1.2 patch for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. This should apply to all territories – North America, Europe, and Japan.

The patch can be downloaded from the 3DS eShop. It takes up 271 blocks of space.


Capcom has released a new update for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan. Version 1.2 mainly tackles issues with illegal guild quests.

Players can still play locally or offline without the latest update. However, DLC and Internet play will force the patch.


A patch for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire was released earlier this week. Nintendo has now confirmed a second update for the two games, which is due out early next month.

Version 1.2 of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire addresses a specific issue towards the end of the game. Some players have encountered a problem where the game stops during the ending movie. Once the new update is released, this should no longer be an issue.


Mighty Gunvolt’s new update and downloadable content will arrive this Friday in North America, Inti Creates has announced.

The company confirmed on Twitter a short while ago:

Take a look at this post for an overview of the Mighty Gunvolt update and DLC.


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