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The Japanese-exclusive 3DS application Collectible Badge Center received an update today. By downloading patch 1.1.0, users can access a new hammer mechanic (see above). It’s also possible to apply a badge on the Home menu straight from Collectible Badge Center after earning one from the crane mini-game, and codes can be redeemed to play the crane mini-game. Nintendo says other improvements have been made and issues have been addressed.


Nintendo has officially released an update for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Version 1.1 addresses a glitch involving the sword at the Honey and Darling Minigame, and gets rid of error messages that were sometimes displayed. Nintendo also speaks in general terms about fixing some other problems.


Update: Definitely in the works! We now have the following picture from the European eShop:


Based on some reports coming through Twitter, it looks like an update is on the way for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. 3DS owners in Europe are receiving update prompts, but haven’t been able to complete the process – likely because it was pushed early. If/when the patch goes live, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Hyrule Warriors’ new 1.6.0 update is out now in Europe and Japan, as is the Boss Pack. Today’s patch takes up 180MB of space. If you’re wondering what’s included in the update, visit this post.


You may remember that Choice Provisions teased Woah Dave! Deluxe earlier this month. It’s out now as a free update on Steam, and will be coming to 3DS at some point soon.

Here’s an overview as to what’s included in the Deluxe patch:

* Two new levels, each of which will challenge even the best Woah Dave! players to rethink their strategy
* New characters in the form of:
– Adoma (of Destructamundo fame)!
– Jr. Melchkin (of BIT.TRIP fame)!
– CommandgirlVideo (of BIT.TRIP fame)!
– Mr. Robotube (of Robotube Games fame)!
– BlokTom (of Bloktonik fame)!
– Plus a new, hidden character. Find them if you can!
* Boss battles!
* New enemy types!
* Rideable UFOs!
* A “Classic Mode” for all those Woah Dave! purists who would prefer their game remain unchanged!
* Maybe a few additional Easter eggs…!

You can find a trailer for Woah Dave! Deluxe below.

Comic and Painting Workshop users will soon be able to post screenshots on Miiverse, Collavier has confirmed. An update is in the works that will make the functionality possible. A date for the patch’s arrival hasn’t been determined, but it’s “coming soon”.

Collavier’s “Jeremy” wrote in a Miiverse post:


VD-Dev is currently working on an IronFall Invasion patch intended to address player feedback. According to co-founder Fernando Velez, it will be possible to “expand the range of speed for movements and camera controls”, and some bugs will be addressed as well. It should be out in around March.

As for what could arrive in the somewhat distant future, Velez said VD-Dev is “hoping to create a more ambitious update.” This will largely be based upon player feedback. IronFall Invasion could potentially see an expanded campaign, or additions to multiplayer. New missions/weapons might also be possible.

Velez told Nintendo Life:

This summer, if the game has found its audience, we are hoping to create a more ambitious update. But the contents of this update will depend a lot on what the players request, for instance on Miiverse. Maybe users request more contents for the campaign, or for multi-player? Maybe they want new missions or new weapons as DLC? We’ll learn more in the coming weeks. We also expect to have a better view of eventual balance issues this spring, once some players have truly mastered the multiplayer. If we rush to fix everything too quickly, we might be caught up in useless changes.


Koei Tecmo isn’t just bringing out the new Ganon Pack for Hyrule Warriors next week. Update 1.6.0 is also on the way, which brings about the following:

Max level raised
New mixture potions added
New medals added
Challenge mode expanded
Score recording function added
Challenge scenarios added
Bug that extends load times when entering battles fixed

This update and the new Ganon DLC are due out on February 26 in Japan.


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