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System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: January 25, 2018
Developer: SMG Studio / Premo Games
Publisher: SMG Studio

There’s not a lot to dislike about Super One More Jump. On its surface it looks like a fairly generic Super Meat Boy derivative, but beyond its stout square character, the ease in which you can very quickly die in its short challenge levels – and the instant reset when you do – Super One More Jump shares more with auto-runner mobile games than the intricate fine-tuned play that a Meat Boy demands. It wasn’t a surprise to learn that this is a souped-up version of Premo Games’ One More Jump. As a result it’s mechanically undercooked to be a slightly awkward fit for a dedicated console with a full array of buttons and sticks.

This week, Japanese publication Nikkei conducted an interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima. The two sides discussed a number of different topics.

One of the first things discussed is how Nintendo is looking to support Switch in the long term. “We want to continue selling this console for more than 5-6 years (the usual lifetime for a new game console),” Kimishima said. By expanding sales with continuing to provide new ways to play in the second year and beyond, they could see Switch exceeding Wii which sold 100 million units in six years.

Monolith Soft president and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 director Tetsuya Takahashi recently met with Persona producer and director Katsura Hashino for a lengthy discussion. The two met for the very first time to share some development stories in an interview, which was published on Den-fami Nico Gamer.

Siliconera translated one interesting excerpt about the development struggles on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Takahashi spoke about a great desire to improve the character models for the game, and talked about the reason why outsourcing was so necessary. With under 100 developers working at Monolith Soft, about half working on Zelda, and a few more needed for R&D, the company had around 40 of its own staffers available.

Here’s a part of the discussion:

As more folks continue to try out Nintendo Labo, some interesting things have come to light. Earlier today, we heard that some basic programming is supported. It also looks like the Joy-Con can be used as a night-vision camera, as well as follow heat signals.

That information comes from Kotaku, who gave Nintendo Labo a shot earlier today. Here’s what the site shares about this:

Did you know that that black sensor at the bottom of the right Joy-Con can act as a night-vision camera and beam a feed of what it’s pointed at to the Switch’s screen? That’s what is happening in this shot. That’s me in that green box in the screen. A tap of that box on the Switch screen switches the camera view to a heat-sensor mode, which sets the whole thing up to then track and follow heat signals.


With media outlets going hands-on with Nintendo Labo today, a bunch of new details and photos have emerged. Engadget in particular has a lengthy report on the game, including details about construction of the various projects and included mini-games/apps. You can find a summary of information below, along with some photos from IGN.

Earlier today, Nintendo held a new media event for Nintendo Labo. Kotaku was present, and has reported on some new details.

With a “Toy-Con Garage” feature, it will be possible to implement rudimentary programming and customization. Further details on this are below.

Song of Memories coming west

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The romantic visual novel Song of Memories won’t be staying in Japan. Today, PQube announced plans to localize the game for North America and Europe. A release is planned for later this year.

We have plenty of additional information on Song of Memories below. The western announcement trailer is also attached.

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Switch Retail

3D Minigolf – €19.99

Typoman coming to Switch

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A couple of years ago, Brainseed Factory made the puzzle platformer Typoman for Wii U. That same game is now destined for Switch. Brainseed Factory is teaming up with Wales Interactive to make the port happen, the two companies announced today.

Typoman is launching on February 22 for Switch. You should be able to pre-load the game soon with a 20% discount. The sale price is $10.39 / £7.99, but the game will normally cost $12.99 / £9.99.

Find some additional information and a Switch trailer for Typoman below.

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