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A few outlets were able to participate in a conference call around the reveal of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee. Director Junichi Masuda commented on the games further during the conversation.

Speaking about being based around Pokemon Yellow as well as synergy with Pokemon GO, Masuda said:

Guess what’s just one week away? That’s right: E3! The first conference will actually be held on June 9 by EA. Other companies will follow with their own presentations in the days after that, including Nintendo.

If you’re a gamer, E3 is undoubtedly the most exciting time of the year. This goes for Nintendo fans as well even though we have Nintendo Directs to look forward to every now and then. E3 is packed with announcements, footage of new games (including a ton of hours from the Treehouse streams), and much more. Many companies lay out their plans for the rest of the year, as well what’s planned far into the future.

Nearly a year ago, Splatoon 2 fans performed a couple of in-depth datamines. One of these revealed the existence of a new Ranked mode called “Rocket”.

Many months later, we have a much better idea as to how the mode would play. Fans OatmealDome and Simon1844 actually managed to load it inside of Splatoon 2.

Octolings won’t be playable in Splatoon 2 until Octo Expansion arrives this summer. However, some folks have managed to hack them into the game in large part because files for these characters already exist. A few players who have done this have also gone online as Octolings, which Nintendo apparently wasn’t happy about.

We’re hearing reports that some players who hacked in Octolings have been banned by Nintendo. The company is sending out emails about the restriction that affects all of Splatoon 2’s online multiplayer.

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory teased the second Dream Friend for Kirby Star Allies’ summer update a few days ago. A follow up tweet reveals the character in question: Dark Meta Knight.

Below is a look at Dark Meta Knight in Kirby Star Allies:

Drawful 2 is coming to Switch, Jackbox Games has revealed. The announcement was made during a live stream held on YouTube today.

Drawful 2 is one of Jackbox’s multiplayer party games. We have an overview from the title’s Steam listing below, along with a trailer.

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced its first game for Switch. Galak-Z: Variant S is coming to the system and will be at E3 2018 just a couple of weeks from now.

Speaking of E3, GungHo says it will have a “major game reveal” at the expo. Further information was not provided.

FIFA finally returned to Nintendo platforms last year with FIFA 18 on Switch. However, this year’s entry wasn’t necessarily a sure thing. But now Andrei Lazarescu, supervising producer for FIFA World Cup mode, has confirmed that FIFA 19 will in fact appear on Switch.

Like last year’s entry, FIFA 19 will be using a custom engine on Nintendo’s console. Lazarescu didn’t rule out potentially using Frostbite in the future, however.

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Switch Retail

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory – €39.99 (available June 1)
Legend of Kay Anniversary – €29.99
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection – €49.99
Yesterday Origins – €29.99

After more than 20 years, the Pokemon Gold demo featured at the 1997 Space World event has been uncovered. Its full contents have been extracted, and a whole lot of noteworthy information has been detailed and preserved.

First, here’s a look at every Pokemon sprite:

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