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Stella Glow details (free time and operation time)

Stella-Glow-TM-Japan Posted 11 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

SEGA’s latest update on Stella Glow reveals details about how the game plays out. Chapters are split into two parts, which are free time and operation time. Details about both aspects can be found below.


– Each chapter is split into two parts
– Parts are free time and operation time where you engage in strategy RPG battles
– Complete both parts to proceed to the next chapter

Free time

– Players have a fixed amount of hours to explore Capital City Lambert during free time
– Can search for items
– Take jobs at the tavern to earn money or bond with knights
– Can also use free time at the Tuning House
– Tuning House: teach witches in your troop new song magic
– Head to Bianca’s weapon shop for weapons
– Create items at Franz’s Workshop
– Save in the protagonist’s room without using any time units

Operation time

– Operation time has battles to fight or event scenes that move the story forward
– There are some special events players can trigger where you can bond with characters too



Modders working on a homebrew app that turns 3DS into PC remote desktop

3ds-pc-remote Posted 14 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Modders over on GBAtemp are creating a new homebrew app that turns the 3DS into a PC remote desktop.

In demonstration videos posted a couple of months ago, the user is shown playing World of Warcraft on the handheld. The frame rate is rough, though that’s to be expected given how the app is very early in development. Still, the results are impressive thus far.

Check out the videos below:



European Fossil Fighters: Frontier boxart

CTR_Dental3_TS_UKV_PS_R Posted 15 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo released the European boxart for Fossil Fighters: Frontier. You can take a look at it above.

The European pack shot is actually quite different compared to the one we saw in North America. As a reminder, here’s what that one looks like:

Fossil Fighters: Frontier box art

And here’s the Japanese one:



Additional Bravely Second details about the Fencer/Bishop jobs and more

bravely-second-2 Posted 17 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Siliconera has translated a few more details about Bravely Second, which particularly cover the Fencer and Bishop jobs. Read up on the latest information below.


– Damage dealers that use “Stances” to perform various abilities with their swords
– “Bison Horn”: Stance that increases defense
– “Falcon Claw”: stance that increases speed and allows them to do four consecutive attacks


– Use “Holy Magic” as part of their role as a healer
– “Heal”: Bishop’s standard Cure-like ability
– Bishop’s have new magic with different effects like the “Divine Night” which turns damage into HP recovery during Defaults
– Have the job trait called “Reiteration” that increases the spells potency whenever you use it twice


– New boat will allow you to travel on shallow waters of the sea
– Other useful vehicles in the game as well
– Hot-Spring Village Yunohana is a new town located in the northeast of the Eisen Region
– They say that it inherits the culture style of an “Eastern Country” that abruptly vanished several hundred years ago



Special Edition bundle of Fire Emblem If selling out in Japan

fire emblem if special edition bundle Posted 20 hours ago
By (@LyonHart_)

The latest entry in the Fire Emblem series doesn’t release for another couple of months, and preorders for the Special Edition bundle of Fire Emblem If are already selling out like mad. Luckily, Nintendo plans to replenish the stock and will be sending out another shipment to retailers in due time so more people can get their copy when the game comes out on June 25th in Japan.

What makes the Special Edition bundle of Fire Emblem If so special is it has a two-in-one cartridge that comes with both the White Kingdom and Black Kingdom versions of the game. Along with that, you’ll receive a special trading card for the upcoming Fire Emblem 0 TCG, an art book as well as a third storyline within the game. Just a note, if you plan on getting the game digitally, you’ll be able to decide which route you’d like to take half way through the game as opposed to being predetermined by the cartridge you pick up.

Fire Emblem If is also slated to come out this year in the west. Which side have you chosen?


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