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Walmart will have 2DS for $79 on November 3

2ds Posted 6 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

We still have about a month to go before the holiday shopping season, but retailers are getting started early with deals – including video game offers.

Walmart, for example, has a few deals running on November 3 that would normally be reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consumers will be able to purchase a 2DS system for only $79 this coming Monday. Head on over to shortly after midnight Pacific Time to participate in the sale.

2DS systems are normally priced at $129.99. However, retailers have regularly discounted the handheld to $100 in recent months.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.



Youkai Watch 2 patch out in December

Posted 9 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

A patch for Youkai Watch 2 will be out in Japan on December 13, Level-5 has announced. The update will be available for the game’s two versions, and offers the following:

– S-rank version of Jibanyan and Koma-san
– New boss for the Youkai Busters mod
– “Honke” version nets you Super Saiyan Koma-san
– “Ganso” version nets you “Super Saiyan Jibanyan
– Both bosses are included in Youkai Watch 2: Shinuchi

The December update will also allow players of the original Youkai Watch 2 games to transfer save data to the new Shinuchi version. By connecting all three versions, you can obtain the Black Oni.

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