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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon launched on 3DS yesterday. To celebrate, My Nintendo has added in a few rewards in North America.

Probably the highlight is a Pikachu & Poke Ball 3DS theme, priced at 100 Platinum Points. Also up for grabs is a 30% discount on Pokemon Art Academy and a Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon wallpaper. These two are 450 Platinum Points and 50 Platinum Points respectively.

You can order all of the new rewards on My Nintendo here.

Thanks to Connor for the tip.

Capcom published a new interview today on its blog all about Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. After previously landing on DS many years ago, it’s now coming to 3DS this month. Series creator Shu Takumi was brought in to discuss the classic game.

In the interview, Takumi reflected on wanting to use the DS’ features (as well as its new power), how one aspect was inspired by Resident Evil, and coming up with the new characters like Apollo himself. You can read the full discussion below.

Following up on the European video from earlier today, a North American launch trailer has been posted for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Watch it below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are finally out today, and to celebrate the occasion, Nintendo has put together a launch trailer which gives a nice overview of all that’s new:

A new reward is now available on My Nintendo in Europe and Japan. To celebrate the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, a special Pikachu & Poké Ball 3DS theme can now be purchased for 100 Platinum Points. This reward will be available until March 1st, 2018.

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Like with many other major releases, Nintendo has sent out a special developer Mii via SpotPass to StreetPass Mii Plaza on 3DS. This time, it’s Shigeru Ohmori, the producer of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, to celebrate the release of the two new Pokemon games. Naturally, his most recently played game is Pokemon Ultra Sun.


The very first Global Mission for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has begun, all everyone will have to do is catch a measly 10,000,000 Pokemon by November 28th, as mentioned in our previous article. If the goal is reached then 2,000 Festival Coins will be awarded to players and even without reaching the goal there is a 1,000 Festival Coins participation award.


GameXplain has just uploaded a video showing off a good chunk of the Team Rainbow Rocket gameplay. You can check it out below if you are interested, and of course it will have spoilers.

It looks like Ultra Sun and Moon will be getting access to the Poké Bank much sooner than the original games did. There is no definitive date but it seems that we will be seeing it in late November, which is not too far away already.


If you are not a fan of using the motion controls in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon to search for legendary Pokemon then fear not because there is a way to turn them off. It requires a bit of exploration, but you can find a character who will allow you to turn off those specific controls. You can check GameXplain’s video for more detail.

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