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Nintendo opened the full Japanese Goodbye! BoxBoy! website today. New details about the game are shared, and we have news about how amiibo works.

Qbby and the rest of the gang who are riding the Box Ship are saving planets eroded by haze to restore the universe to its original form. With the ship, they head to a planet infested by haze, but Qbby ends up falling down to one planet in particular. The game picks up here.

As far as gameplay goes, first let’s go over the different powers:

Bandai Namco has announced Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax for 3DS, following up on Pro Yakyuu Famista 2011 and Pro Yakyuu Famista Returns.

Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax is the 30th anniversary title in the series. For this game, the main phrase is “Create, Raise, Battle!”.

With acknowledgement from the Nippon Professional Baseball organization, data of actual pro baseball athletes is being used as of the 2017 season. Some new elements will be present for the first time.

The game adds members of the Meikyu-Kai (Golden Players Club) such as Sadaharu Oh and Shigeo Nagashima plus female athletes from the JWBL (Japan Women’s Baseball League). Team mascots will also be in as playable athletes.

Existing game modes will also be enhanced, such as Team Raising mode, Famista Quest (mini-game in which players collect athletes), and online versus.

For a limited time, a download code will be given for Famista Retro. This contains data of the 2017 season athletes from 12 teams. Also, there will be a code to obtain the legendary athlete Masahiro Yamamoto, who as the main promotion character of this game will appear on Namco Stars team as Yamamomo.

Pro Yakyuu Famista Climax launches in Japan on April 20. See the debut trailer below.

Nintendo has opened the North American Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World site. The big attraction here is the various gameplay clips spread out across various pages. To make it more convenient, we’ve rounded up all of the footage below.

The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to collaborations. Even the latest entry, Monster Hunter XX, already has several partnerships announced.

The latest collaboration is for the Long Sword named Uranometria. It’s an original design from mangaka Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail. The sword blade is drawn with a sparking sky of stars, and the scabbard’s silhouette will look like an ancient key.

During the latest episode of Capcom TV, Monster Hunter XX gameplay will be shown that uses the new weapon. Mashima will also be appearing as a guest.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! can now be pre-loaded from the 3DS eShop in Japan. Those who intend to do so will need 1,210 blocks of free space (151.25 MB). Also worth noting, a demo for Goodbye! BoxBoy! is out now in Japan.


Japanese 3DS themes (1/18/17)

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A few new 3DS themes are out now in Japan. Here’s the lineup:

The Pig (X2) – 200 yen each
Kunio-kun – 100 yen


New Goodbye! BoxBoy! trailer

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Nintendo released a brand new trailer for Goodbye! BoxBoy! today on its Japanese YouTube page. Get a look at it below.

Update (1/17): Nintendo has penciled in some last-minute maintenance for both Wii U and 3DS today. The times are as follows:

– 4 PM PT – 7 PM PT
– 7 PM ET – 10 PM ET
– 12 AM in the UK – 3 AM in the UK
– 1 AM in Europe – 4 AM in Europe

Meanwhile, the 3DS maintenance mentioned below has been scheduled. That’s now set for the following days/times:

– 4:50 PM PT (January 24) – 6:30 PM PT (January 24)
– 7:50 PM ET (January 24) – 9:30 PM ET (January 24)
– 12:50 AM in the UK (January 25) – 2:30 AM in the UK (January 25)
– 1:50 AM in Europe (January 25) – 3:30 AM in Europe (January 25)

Original (1/16): Wii U and 3DS are both undergoing maintenance at the moment. But if that wasn’t enough, more maintenance will be taking place on Nintendo’s portable system tomorrow. Online play, rankings, etc. may be impacted.

The schedule is as follows:

– 4:50 PM PT (January 17) – 6:30 PM PT (January 17)
– 7:50 PM ET (January 17) – 9:30 PM ET (January 17)
– 12:50 AM in the UK (January 18) – 2:30 AM in the UK (January 18)
– 1:50 AM in Europe (January 18) – 3:30 AM in Europe (January 18)


A few months after its release, a new Pokemon Sun/Moon commercial is online for Japanese viewers. View it below.

Pokemon Shuffle’s weekly update has landed, and not only are there regular stages, there is a Mega competition for Houndoominite. The stage will run until January 24 and will pit players against Mega Houndoom. Prizes for the top players are listed below:

  • Houndoominite, 5 Raise Max Level, 5 Mega Speedup: Top 200 EU/300 NA
  • Houndoominite, 4 Raise Max Level, 4 Mega Speedup: Top 500 EU/700 NA
  • Houndoominite, 3 Raise Max Level, 3 Mega Speedup: Top 1,000 EU/1,500 NA
  • Houndoominite, 2 Raise Max Level, 2 Mega Speedup: Top 2,000 EU/3,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Raise Max Level, 1 Mega Speedup: Top 4,000 EU/6,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Booster M: Top 6,000 EU/9,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Disruption Delay, 1 Exp. Booster L: Top 9,000 EU/13,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Disruption Delay: Top 12,000 EU/18,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Attack Power, 1 Disruption Delay: Top 16,000 EU/24,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Attack Power: All other players

Four non-competitive stages are also featured in the update. Chikorita (Winking) and a special Tyranitar stage will run until Januray 24, while Politoed and a special Celebi Escalation battle will run until the 31st.


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