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It’s late, because (surprise!) I had some more uploading issues. No biggie. Goodnight, folks!

Fan tattoos 3DS AR card onto arm

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We’ve seen some rather crazy ideas accomplished with the 3DS, yet the system is barely a month old. You remember the giant Augmented Reality card/Mii, don’t you? That was certainly impressive, but the video above is also… interesting.

A fan apparently decided to tattoo the AR card onto his arm. The only downside I can think of is that he won’t be able to easily use the “Star Viewer” application. The tattoo is definitely a symbol of dedication to Nintendo!

“This tattoo is a near-exact copy of the ? augmented reality card that comes with the 3DS. It seems a bit sensitive to a very specific brightness of light– not too bright, not too dark. I think I need to go back and have the card outline added, since I think it works in lower light because of lower contrast. This video was shot in my bathroom because it was the best place to set up a tripod and hold my arm and the 3DS at the right angles. Still, the AR is a little jumpy because my arm is at a slight angle.”

Madden NFL 12 trailers

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Beautiful graphics, and a soothing soundtrack. Not a bad combination for a video game, don’t you think? Now all we need is some video footage…