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Nintendo released a bunch of new screenshots from Mario Sports Superstars today. Additionally, we have a few images showing off the upcoming amiibo cards. We’ve posted it all in the gallery below.


A few days ago, Nintendo announced that Mario Sports Superstars is making its way to North America on March 24. Europe will be getting the game slightly earlier. Today, Nintendo revealed a release date of March 10 for PAL regions.

Take a look at the updated Mario Sports Superstars boxart for Europe above. Just like North America, an amiibo card is included in first-print copies.

Source: Nintendo PR

The Great Ace Attorney 2 details

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Capcom sent out a wave of details about The Great Ace Attorney 2 today. There are some details about the plot and general setup, though most of the content recaps returning characters and systems. Find the full breakdown below, courtesy of Gematsu’s translation.

The Pokemon Company announced today that 5,954 people have been banned from certain online activities in Pokemon Sun & Moon due to having altered save data. The banned players can’t use Game Sync and can’t participate in Rating Battles, Battle Competitions and Global Missions. Affected players will get the error code 090-0212 when they attempt to use any of these features.

The Pokemon Company states it will continue to go after players with edited save data and will issue similar bans to them in the future.


Capcom has released some new screenshots and pieces of artwork from the upcoming 3DS game The Great Ace Attorney 2, showing off some new and returning characters and some of the locations you’ll be visiting in the game.

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Capcom published a new video today featuring producer Shintaro Kojima and general deputy manager Satoshi Inoue. The two show the SP mode as well as the flagship monster Barufaruku. Watch the video below.

MissingNo. isn’t a real Pokemon, but that hasn’t stopped players from attempting to transfer it over to Pokemon Sun/Moon following the new update’s release. When attempting to move the glitched creature, it seems that Pokemon take the name of the one immediately next to it.

Keep in mind that Pokemon nicknames can’t be changed after they’ve been moved from one older game to another. If you mess around with MissingNo., you might be stuck with an undesired name.


Two new games are joining the Nintendo Selects line in North America next month. Yesterday, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were announced as the latest additions. We’ve posted both boxarts above.


The long-awaited update to Pokemon Bank (and Poke Transporter) arrived last night. Once it’s been updated, it’ll be fully compatible with Pokemon Sun/Moon.

Here’s something interesting about Pokemon Bank. If you bring over a Solrock to Pokemon Sun or Lunatone to Pokemon Moon, you can interact with a certain character in the Haina Desert. Fans had dug up the event previously, but this is the first time that it can be encountered under normal circumstances.

These are the steps needed to activate the scene:

Transfer Solrock to Pokemon Sun or Lunatone to Pokemon Moon.

Put Solrock/Lunatone in your party.

Fly to Ruins of Abundance on Ula’ula Island.

Head south to enter Haina Desert.

Head to the western exit, then immediately back east (where you came from).

Head to the southern exit.

Keep heading south until you see the old man with a red shirt.

Speak to him for an interesting cutscene!

Head past the break for a video of the event in question.

Dataminers have found some interesting tidbits inside the game data from Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World. Notably, a Corrin costume has been discovered that Yoshi will wear when using the unreleased Corrin amiibo.

Though Corrin was added to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS last year, we still don’t know when we’ll see the remaining amiibo figures corresponding with the last characters added. The inclusion of a Corrin costume inside Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World indicates that at least Nintendo is already preparing the amiibo functionalities ahead of their launch, which could be soon.


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