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Metroid: Samus Returns doesn’t have a massive amount of story, which fans would probably agree is a good thing. However, Nintendo and MercurySteam did expand upon things a bit more compared to the original Game Boy game.

When you first start Samus Returns, you’ll be treated to an opening with lovely art recapping the first Metroid game. The images maintain the look of a comic book, and may look even better when viewed in stereoscopic 3D. Take a look at some images snapped from Metroid: Samus Returns’ opening below.


It didn’t take long for Nintendo to open the full North American website for Monster Hunter Stories. You can access it here.

The site has plenty of details about Monster Hunter Stories, along with screenshots and gameplay clips. We’ve rounded up the footage below.

Thanks to Gervaise B-A for the tip.

News about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon continues to pour in. Today, Game Informer shared a first look at a new feature in the game called Alola Photo Club.

By using Alola Photo Club, you can take pictures of yourself and Pokemon present in your party. You can choose from various poses while dressing up your character, along with different lenses and cameras. More items can be unlocked based on the relationship with your Pokemon as you progress in the story.

Here’s the first footage of the Alola Photo Club:

Another new video has been published for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. It shows the new Clangorous Soulblaze Z-Move for Kommo-o. Check out the video below.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that the 3DS version of Layton’s Mystery Journey is due out on October 6 in Europe. The company has now followed up with news about North America. We’ll also be seeing Layton’s Mystery Journey stateside on October 6.

As tweeted by Nintendo of America:


The Japanese boxed versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the 3DS Virtual Console are going to come with some interesting items. Stickers, cartridge magnets, and a poster are set to go out with each copy of the game.

Boxed versions of Gold and Silver are set to release in Europe and Japan for the 3DS on September 22nd. If you buy a box, it will include these things and a download code for the game (not a cartridge).


Digital Foundry has returned with yet another technical analysis. Monster Hunter XX on Switch gets the focus, including how it stacks up to the 3DS original.

First, on 3DS, Monster Hunter XX was originally a 240p game. But on Switch, Capcom increased the resolution to 1080p while Switch is docked. In portable mode, Monster Hunter XX is 720p on Switch.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon boxart

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The boxarts are in for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The designs are the same worldwide, just with different ratings labels. We’ve included both above.

With Pokemon Sun/Moon last year, TOMY put out a real life Z-Ring. We’ll be seeing something similar this year with Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon.

The official Pokemon site reveals that TONY will be releasing a Pokemon Z-Power Ring in various countries. Using the Z-Power Ring, “your battles and adventures in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon can become even more fun”.

We assume that the new ring will operate similarly to the last one. That means when you use a Z-Move in game, the real life ring will light up. There could be more to this new one though.


The Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon website has updated with new information about both games, as well as screenshots. We mainly learn that the games will feature new buildings and landscapes, a story centered around Necrozma, and new Z-Moves. Find everything rounded up below.

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