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Update: Packaging – Amazon taking pre-orders for the Splatoon GamePad protector, coming to NA in July

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Update: (5/22/15) Bumped to the top. Here’s a look at the packaging:


HORI’s Splatoon GamePad protector was revealed a few weeks back. We had only heard about it as a European product at the time, but we can now safely say that the accessory will be sold in North America as well.

Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the Nintendo-licensed Splatoon GamePad protector. Based on the listing, it will be sold starting on July 13. You can reserve it here.



Splatoon screenshots (5/22/15)

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Update: Here’s a bonus image:

Nintendo posted two more screenshots of Splatoon on the game’s Japanese Twitter account. In the latest images, we get a look at the Miiverse support. Both screenshots can be found below.



Splatoon’s UK marketing campaign on the same level as Mario Kart 8

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Nintendo has a rather substantial marketing campaign lined for Splatoon in the UK. Marketing manager Chandra Nair, speaking with MCV, mentioned that it will be on the same level as Mario Kart 8.

According to Nair:

We have a substantial campaign planned for Splatoon. To give you an idea of the scale, we’re matching Mario Kart 8 – that’s the potential we think Splatoon has. We have the utmost confidence in the potential of Splatoon. It gives retailers a fantastic art style that stands out in-store or on-screen and it also offers various up-sell opportunities with the accompanying Amiibo. It’s a really interesting game for us because it allows us to expand out to a group of people who may never have considered Wii U before.

Thus far, Nintendo has already been involved with digital billboards, cinema ads during Tomorrowland and Mad Max, a sponsorship of Cartoon Network, and a digital campaign that started in April. That’s on top of a Splatoon-themed skatepark in Corby which opened last month.