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The Jackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 launched on the Switch eShop today. Developer Jackbox Games is celebrating with a special discount kicking off very soon.

Those who own any of the first three Jackbox Party Pack titles on Switch will receive a 20 percent discount when purchasing any other title in the series. This includes today’s releases along with The Jackbox Party Pack 3, which debuted earlier this year.

The discount should be going live by August 18 in North America. However, it will not be available until next week in Europe and Australia.

Source: Jackbox Games PR

League of Evil appears to be launching on Switch very soon. The North American eShop has updated, and currently shows an August 31 release date and $7.99 price point. It takes up 55MB.

League of Evil is an action game. You’ll use acrobatic skills to punch your way through levels filled with deadly traps and defeat your enemies, all while going for a high score.

One of the hooks for League of Evil is the ability to create and share levels with other players. Even better, level sharing works across all platforms. The base game comes with 140 levels packed in divided into four chapters.

Source: Switch eShop

Nintendo challenged two UK Super Smash Bros. experts to put their fighting game skills to the test against ARMS​ producer Kosueke Yabuki.

A general introduction is posted below. You can also watch the full matches with Super Smash Bros. pros Tom G-P Scott and J.Miller below.

One of the most popular Pokemon around is Pikachu. In an interview with Game Informer, Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda said that Pikachu was able to catch on with fans thanks to the anime and being Ash’s partner.

Masuda added that Game Freak didn’t go out of its way for Pikachu to be the face of Pokemon. It was anime production company OLM Inc. who thought it would make sense to put the creature front and center.

Masuda said:

SEGA announced its lineup for Gamescom 2017 today. Along with Sonic Forces, Total Warhammer II will be playable at the Koch Media stand, located in Hall 9.1, Booth no.011.

The Sonic Forces demo will contain three stages. Gamescom attendees can play as Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the customizable Hero character.

Source: SEGA PR

Atlus has a new Etrian Odyssey V trailer focusing on the Masurao class. We have the video along with a brief introduction below.

Do you know what’s really effective against the deadly creatures that call the Yggdrasil tree home? If you said katanas, you’re absolutely right! Luckily, the Therian Masurao in Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth just so happens to delight in slicing and dicing with beautifully crafted Japanese swords. They can be slotted in the frontline to slash everything in their path and can even attack multiple opponents in a single attack. Oh, they can also lure rare enemies into combat to get better items and gain more experience with the New Challenger skill. The better the skill, the rarer the enemies, and the greater the rewards! The Masurao can specialize in using one sword to become a master of the blade or it can learn to wield up to four of them and become a bona fide sword saint.

Update: Gray Switch is now in stock here.

Still on the hunt for Switch? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have another chance to purchase the system. The Neon Switch unit is in stock here. We’ll keep an eye out for the gray version, but that one is currently unavailable.


Last month, news broke that Lumo is coming to Switch. We initially assumed that it would be digital-only, but that won’t be the case after all.

Amazon currently has a listing up for a physical version of Lumo on Switch, boxart and all. A tentative October 31 release date and $30 price point are included on the page.

We also have further confirmation that 88Heroes is getting a physical release on Switch. It will also cost $30, and is listed on Amazon for $30. 

The next Splatfest for Splatoon 2 has been announced. In the second competition, players will be asked to choose between flight and invisibility.

This Splatfest will be taking place in both North America and Europe. We’re waiting on details for Japan at present.

The next Splatfest will run between September 1 and September 2.

Source: Nintendo PR

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A new Splatoon 2 Switch bundle is on the way to North America, Nintendo has just announced.

Walmart will be the exclusive retailer of the new package. It includes a Switch unit, download code for Splatoon 2, carrying case, and Neon Pink / Neon Green Joy-Con controllers.

The Splatoon 2 bundle launches on September 8. Pricing is set at $379.99.

Read today’s full announcement regarding the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle below.

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