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The Cherry Blossom Pub, a popular bar in Washington D.C., has recently been redecorated to the theme of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival. While Drink Company, the owners of the bar in question and several others in D.C., went with classic Cherry Blossom decorations for their other locations, the Super Mario pub was an idea that they couldn’t resist. Matt Fox, the special projects manager for Drink Company, had this to say during an interview with Polygon.

“The big thing that always happens in D.C. that brings in a lot of people in and is really indicative of the city is the Cherry Blossom Festival. So, what we wanted to do is bring that feeling and that look into the bar. We also wanted to do something a little bit above and beyond that, something a little bit more special and fun. We were sitting brainstorming about what else can we do along with the cherry tree, and thinking about what just speaks to us as Americans looking at Japan. Pretty much all of us grew up playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo and N64. We all grew up playing Mario. Everybody around the table, their eyes lit up and they were like, ‘Yes! This makes sense. This will be awesome. Let’s see where we can roll with that.’”

Complete with Bob-ombs, warp pipes, animatronic piranha plants and other iconic goodies hanging from the ceiling, the bar is a site to behold for any Nintendo fan. According to the project coordinator, Éamonn Fetherston, the centerpiece of the decorations is the Star Power button.

“You hit that, it triggers basically anything that’s light-up at all to start flashing in a programmed sequence. The Mario Star Power music plays, and we have a foot-tall Golden Mario that pops out of a green pipe in the ceiling. Basically, if you want to turn a room full of adults into just slack-jawed children staring up at the ceiling, that’s a good way to do it.”

You can find more pictures of the bar in the gallery below, and you can check out the full article from Polygon here.


Gunman Clive creator Bertil Hörberg has been working on an interesting-looking project for quite some time, but its future status is unclear.

Hörberg shared a couple of videos yesterday showing his new 3D action game made in a custom engine. The second video is from last February, and there’s been “very little progress” since that point. Hörberg said he’s “been thinking of scrapping it several times,” though “whenever I try come up with something else I feel like I’d actually rather do this project”. While Hörberg feels that its scope is too large and “has a lot of unsolved problems,” it may be “this or nothing at all.”

The two videos are as follows:

Both Gunman Clive games are on Nintendo platforms, so Hörberg would likely target something such as Switch if this project ever comes to fruition. If nothing else, it has a very unique style.


Stores are slowly but surely adding more Switch stock. This week for example, GameStop locations across the United States had a few more units to sell.

At Toys “R” Us, Switch will be available this weekend. The retailer has confirmed than consoles will be sold again on Saturday. Due to the high demand and low stock available, customers are advised to arrive before the doors open at 9 AM.

Toys “R” Us hasn’t indicated how many units each store will receive. If possible, you may want to try calling ahead to verify with your local store that a restock is planned.



In the past, Nintendo of America’s Treehouse group was well-known for being closed off. But that started to change in recent years thanks to somewhat regular live streams, beginning with hours of video content during E3.

Things have now been taken one step further. Today, the Nintendo Treehouse Log opened on Tumblr.

What is this all about anyway? Here’s a quick overview from Nintendo’s Bill Trinen:

“I realize that we can’t yet really say with certainty what exactly the Nintendo Treehouse Log will become. What I can say is that it will be a place where we’ll post content periodically, rather than on a set schedule. The content will offer insight into games and franchises you love, presented from a unique Treehouse perspective. We may not cover every game or every IP, and we won’t pull the curtain all the way back, but our hope is that the Nintendo Treehouse Log will evolve into something fans will enjoy”.

And below is the first full entry:


Has-Been Heroes has been delayed just slightly in Europe. As a result of “logistical issues”, the title is now planned for April 4.

In North America, Has-Been Heroes remains on track for April 4.

Frozenbyte shared the European delay news via a YouTube video:

Little Inferno’s multiplayer patch can now be downloaded on Switch. For the first time, you and a friend can experience the game together.

Tomorrow Corporation passed along the news on Twitter:


Popular YouTuber JonTron has been in the news lately due to some controversial comments he made in recent weeks. Certain views he expressed on particularly sensitive topics resulted in backlash from fans and others.

Originally, Playtonic worked with JonTron to have his voice featured in the game for one of the characters. The studio now says though that the situation has prompted his removal in full.

Playtonic said in a statement:

“We recently became aware of comments made by voice artist JonTron after development on Yooka-Laylee had been completed. JonTron is a talented video presenter who we were initially, two years ago, happy to include as a voice contributor in our game. However, in light of his recent personal viewpoints we have made the decision to remove JonTron’s inclusion in the game via a forthcoming content update. We would like to make absolutely clear that we do not endorse or support JonTron’s personal viewpoints and that, as an external fan contributor, he does not represent Playtonic in any capacity. Playtonic is a studio that celebrates diversity in all forms and strives to make games that everyone can enjoy. As such, we deeply regret any implied association that could make players feel anything but 100% comfortable in our game worlds, or distract from the incredible goodwill and love shown by our fans and Kickstarter backers.”


Do you want to see a physical version of Monster Boy on Switch? Now’s your chance to let publisher FGD Entertainment know.

On Twitter, the company put out a message asking fans if they’re interested in Monster Boy getting a retail release. Simply “like” the message to show your support.


NIS America is now taking pre-orders for the Culdcelt Revolt Limited Edition in Europe. Get in a reservation here.

The Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition features a copy of the game, hardcover art book, 1-disc original soundtrack, Culdcept dice, and foil cards. It’s all presented in a lovely collector’s box.

Thanks to axel for the tip.

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Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t always the character that we know of today. Originally, series artist Naoto Ohshima came up with a design and concept that was more dark and aggressive.

SEGA America ended up pushing for a change over concerns about Sonic being unable to connect with a global audience. Because of this, Sonic lost his fangs, his girlfriend Madonna, and his band. However, SEGA Japan was apparently dissatisfied with Sonic’s updated design and pushed back when possible.

Speaking with Polygon,

“[I] think they resented the fact that we changed him from being aggressive, and having fangs and [a] very sharp personality – and to some degree a menacing personality – to being soft and friendly. I think they resented that. But I don’t know [if] I’d carry it so far as to why they didn’t do the things that should have been done. I think it might have been part of it, however.”

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