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Last week, Nintendo surprised everyone at The Game Awards with a trio of Bayonetta announcements. The original two games are bound for Switch, along with the entirely new Bayonetta 3.

Amazon Japan shows tentative the file size for Bayonetta 2. The game apparently takes up about 12.4GB, which would be a little bit smaller than Wii U’s 14GB. If this size changes, we’ll let you know.

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Black The Fall, which was recently confirmed for Switch, has received a release date. In North America, the game arrives on December 14 through the eShop. The European release is planned for early January.

Here’s a video promoting the upcoming Switch launch:

Update: And it’s already gone! This has indeed been selling out quickly.

Original: Amazon France has opened pre-orders for the Bayonetta 2 Special Edition. You can reserve it here. Note that this sold out on Amazon UK rather quickly, so keep that in mind.

Also, you should be able to place an order from the US despite the page saying otherwise. It worked for us at the very least.

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Fabraz is currently wrapping up the “Blackbird’s Kraken” expansion for Slime-san on Switch. It contains a new campaign with over 25 levels, a new hub world, two new mini-games, a HUE slider, online leaderboards. If all goes well, we’ll be seeing it later this month or in January.

Fabraz has also confirmed that the next expansion for Slime-san, Sheeple’s Sequel, will be coming to Switch some point as well. It’ll contain the following:

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During the first round of the Kirby 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll, “Mirror” was chosen by fans. That meant the ability would be added to Kirby Battle Royale at some point.

Nintendo has now announced that Mirror will be available in Kirby Battle Royale on December 13. Of course, the game isn’t actually out yet in North America – only in Europe and Japan. When it becomes available stateside in January, we assume the Copy Ability will be out at launch.


Capcom is slowly starting to put more games on Switch. Mega Man 11 was announced, along with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 plus all of the Mega Man X titles. We also just found out yesterday that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection drops in May.

As for what’s next for Switch, Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto shared another tease in an interview with Nikkei. Tsujimoto mentioned that the home / portable console concept works better than expected and the company is interested in porting games that weren’t available on Nintendo consoles previously.

Tsujimoto also recently teased that Ace Attorney on Switch. He did not share the specifics of what’s planned, however.


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Square Enix has been one of the strongest supporters of Switch in the console’s early lifecycle. Between what’s already out and what’s on the way, the company has a whole lot of love for the platform. Project Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest Builders 1 and 2, and Lost Sphear are just a few of the highlights.

There’s a reason why Square Enix is supporting Switch in this way so far. Speaking with MCV, CEO Yosuke Matsuda said that the system “is a very attractive and platform for us.” He also said that Switch is “a unique piece of hardware.”

You may know Fabraz as the developer of Slime-san. But now the company is starting to get into the publishing business, and is teaming up with Eendhoorn to bring SpiritSphere DX to Switch.

SpiritSphere DX may remind you of something like Windjammers with its mix of tennis and a “magical beat down” gameplay. You can play alone and experience the single-player campaign or with a friend in local multiplayer.

Miitomo has received an update, though only on Android at present. Version 2.3.2 is now available. According to the patch notes, bug fixes have been implemented.

Source: Google Play

Square Enix isn’t just about producing new games. The company has expressed interest in revisiting other titles and putting them on the latest consoles, including Switch.

In an interview with MCV, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda commented on this subject. Instead of merely porting these older games as they were back then, they need to be modernized.

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