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Numskull Games today announced a special physical release for SuperEpic, a Metroidvania-style adventure game. Fans will be able to purchase a standard version or the Badge Collector’s Edition. With the latter release, a special collector’s display box is included along with six high-quality pin badges. Only 5,000 copies will be produced on Switch.

Here’s some information about SuperEpic:

Ultimate Games’ strategy RPG Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest is out this week on the Switch eShop, on January 24. Youtube channel Handheld Players got their hands on an early copy and uploaded nearly half an hour of footage from the game:

Bandai Namco has just announced a new game from the popular football anime / manga series Captain Tsubasa. Titled Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, it will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2020. Here’s the announcement trailer:

This will be an arcade-like football game and sees the return of many popular characters such as Tsubasa, Hyuga and Wakabayashi. Here’s the official overview:

Back in September, publisher Skybound Games announced that both The Walking Dead: Season 2 and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier had been delayed on Nintendo Switch, with no new release date given. In a surprise move, both games were released on the Switch eShop today. They’re available on both the European and North American eShop, with each game costing 14.99 € / $14.99, respectively.

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Tempest Trials+: Mirage Vortex has begun. The big rewards this time are the 5★ New Hero Itsuki: Finding a Path and three Sacred Seals: Defiant Def 1, Mirror Stance 1, and Chill Res 1. You can also earn Refining Stones by completing daily quests.


On Jan. 22, 10 PM PT, new stories will be added to the main campaign’s chapter 11, Android Anguish.

New details have also dropped for the Monster Hunter collaboration event, we now know that our familiar Felyne and Guild Gal from the Monster Hunter series will make an appearance as well. In addition to battles, you can also enjoy an original story during this event.

Rathalos fight footage was also released via twitter, which you can see below:


General Reminder: The light-attuned Proud Manticore arrived in Void Battles on Jan. 20, 10 PM PT. As always with void battles, there are also limited-time endeavors where you can get various rewards.

The Microsoft Store and Steam pages for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 have gone up, unveiling a Digital Deluxe Edition including the full game and a Character Pass including nine unannounced downloadable content characters and a bonus early unlock for Charlotte Katakuri. On both pages, it states that digital pre-orders for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will include Dynasty Warriors-themed Trafalagar Law and Boa Hancock costumes, as well as a bonus early unlock for the Vinsmoke Brothers.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is due out for Switch on March 26 in Japan, and on March 27 in the Americas and Europe.


Mario Kart Tour will host a second multiplayer test, Nintendo has announced. This time around, it will be open to all players. The original test required a Gold Pass.

Nintendo says that further information including specific dates will be shared “in the near future.”

Sinless, a mashup of point-and-click and visual novel gameplay, was announced for Switch last month. Today, publisher Forever Entertainment confirmed that it will be dropping in just a few days – January 23 to be exact.

Here’s an overview of Sinless, along with a trailer:

Super Kirby Clash director Yumi Todo has shared some new information about the Switch game, specifically relating to the ending song. Todo actually shared the first draft of the score and lyrics while also discussing how HAL Laboratory approached the music.

Here’s the message in full: