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Splatoon 2

Nintendo is back with the continuation of the Squid Sisters Stories for Splatoon 2. This new initiative intends to tell the tale of Callie and Marie following the final Splatfest.

Read up on the next addition to the story below. For previous entries, head on over here.

Prima is teaming up with Nintendo once again on a guide. When Splatoon 2 launches this summer, a guide will also be available.

Amazon has the following information about the guide:

Complete Walkthrough: Fully detailed single-player walkthrough to help you solve every puzzle, splat every enemy, and conquer every boss.

Detailed Maps: Find every collectible and uncover every secret.

Claim Your Turf: Multiplayer strategies from Splatoon experts give you the edge in online battles.

Personalize Your Style: Complete details on how to unlock all weapons, headgear, clothes, and more.

Get Ready to Ink: Strategies for all the new and returning weapons, including the all new Splat Dualies.

The Splatoon 2 guide is up for pre-order on Amazon here. It’s currently $4 off.

Thanks to Wagner C for the tip.

Nintendo announced the first part of its plans for E3 2017. At the big expo in June, a special pre-release, exhibition tournament will be held for Splatoon 2.

Specifics about the tournament haven’t been made known just yet. We should be hearing more in the weeks to come.

Nintendo sent out the following notice on Twitter:


Nintendo just launched a new section of the Splatoon 2 website. It now houses the “Squid Sisters Stories”, which intends to inform fans as to what happened between Callie and Marie following the final Splatfest.

Thus far we have the intro and prologue, posted below. More stories should be added to the site leading up to Splatoon 2’s launch. We’ll bring you those as they go live.

One of our researchers monitoring the Squid Sisters intercepted this top-secret report from the Inkling world.

Let’s see now… What? Just what in the world IS this?!

About nine months have passed since the final Splatfest.

A new set of amiibo is being released alongside Splatoon 2, and just like in the first game, these will unlock special outfits. These are somewhat similar to the outfits the original amiibo in the first game unlocked – the new Inkling Girl amiibo unlocks a school uniform, the Inkling Boy amiibo unlocks a ninja outfit and the Inkling Squid amiibo unlocks a set of heavy armor (called Power Gear in the first game).

In the original Splatoon, you had to play special challenge levels to receive the outfits. We don’t know yet how it’ll work in Splatoon 2, as we barely know anything about the game’s singleplayer content at the moment.


Update (4/20): These accessories are now up for pre-order on Play-Asia.

Original (4/19): Keys Factory has several Splatoon 2 accessories lined up for Switch. New items are planned to come out in Japan alongside the actual game.

Keys Factory’s accessories include Joy-Con covers in a soft silicon style or a hardshell design, a new addition to the Front Cover series, and neoprene pouches. They’ll all be out on July 21.


The official Splatoon Twitter account has posted a few new screenshots from Splatoon 2. These highlight the amiibo functionality in Splatoon 2, i.e. saving your outfits, gear and customization options to an amiibo as well as being able to take photos of your character alongside the amiibo. Nothing really new, but these screenshots do show off some the outfits that are in the game.


Japanese Splatoon 2 site open

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The Japanese Splatoon 2 website is now live. You can check it out for yourself here. It has some plenty of screenshots and some footage as well.

Ever since Splatoon 2 was first revealed, we’ve known that different kinds of legwear will be available in the game as an additional way of customizing your Inkling. What wasn’t known, however, was whether they would be tied to a specific shirt or shoes or whether you can freely choose which pants to wear. Footage from the latest Nintendo Direct now confirms that it’s the latter – the “Style” tab in the game’s options menu shows that the female Inkling can choose between standard pants, a skirt and spat.

This also confirms that are a total of four hairstyles to choose from for each gender.


Splatoon 2 now has a release date. Previously given a general “Spring 2017” window, the Switch title is now confirmed for July 21. Nintendo made the date known during its new Nintendo Direct broadcast just now.

We also have the following news about a new mode and amiibo:

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