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Super Mario World

Did you know Big Boos can be defeated by sliding down stairs in Super Mario World. It’s the only Boo in the game that can be taken down in that manner, so perhaps it was an oversight on the part of Nintendo’s developers.

Some players definitely knew about this, but there are plenty who were completely unaware of it. How many of you tried out that little secret back in the day?


YouTube user SethBling has managed to inject Flappy Bird code into Super Mario World by taking advantage of several glitches. This is particularly notable, as no person has done this sort of exploit in the past. It’s a bit complicated, but you can see how the full process was accomplished below.

We have trailers for the three SNES games that came out on the New 3DS Virtual Console yesterday: Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings. We’ve rounded them up in the video below.

Well, this is certainly something! A NicoNico user going by the name “Wakou” has used the program Audio Pad to control Mario with sound. That makes him able to play Super Mario World with just his noise and a recorder.

Wakou uses the following commands to control Mario:

“Do” – up
“Mi” – down
“Re” – left
“Fa” – right
“Sol” – b utton
“Ti” – y button


Speedrunner “SethBling” has managed to set a new world record for Super Mario World by taking advantage of a glitch.

SethBling completed the game in four minutes, forty nine seconds. “Jeffw356”, the previous record holder, finished Super Mario World in four minutes, fifty-nine seconds.

As far as the glitch goes… just watch the video above. It’s a bunch of craziness.