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As we announced previously, the next Summoning Focus for Fire Emblem Heroes, A Sketchy Summer, will be live for the next month. Summer themed Heroes, new story maps, and more will be available as part of this event. 

The Japanese ARMS Twitter has announced the stats breakdown for the 12th Party Crash between Min Min and Kid Cobra. The former took the won by a very small margin, at 51% compared to 49%. You can see the points earned by various players, but at different time intervals. Have a look below:


Nintendo Switch

A few Japanese game development job listings have surfaced recently, one of which includes the Switch as a platform for the final release. You can read the details on this unknown title below, courtesy of Gematsu:

Redout, a Wipeout-like racing game, was announced back when the Switch was first revealed, but very little has been said about it since. Its release date has constantly shifted, with no word about when it will definitively be coming to the Switch.

Unfortunately, Amazon has cancelled preorders for the game today, saying it’s no longer available from the supplier. This does not necessarily indicate that the game is cancelled for Switch, but it is becoming more and more likely.

Redout has been available on Xbox One and PS4 for just about two years. In the case it does not come to Switch, Fast RMX is built on a similar concept that was received well by critics. For those interested in a futuristic racer like Redout, RMX may be a good alternative!


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp continues to get a steady stream of additional content, which occurs fairly regularly. A couple of the new additions are as follows:

Two years have passed since the global phenomenon Pokémon GO launched, and Niantic have announced a couple of additions to the game for this milestone. 

Pikachu and Pichu will appear more frequently tomorrow (July 6) until the end of the month, and a special “Summer Style” Pikachu can be obtained, complete with a straw hat and sunglasses. Additionally, Pikachu Fan Avatar items will be available for purchase for trainers with a gold Pikachu Fan medal.

The team also hinted at Celebi being available globally in the near future, but no additional details were given there.


As per their official website, Rocket League and its predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars are about to celebrate their third and tenth anniversaries, respectively. To celebrate these milestones, there will be a new Anniversary Event running from July 9 to July 23. The details are as follows:

All-Star Fruit Racing

Upcoming kart racer All-Star Fruit Racing won’t be out until August 21st, but 20 minutes of footage have recently been uploaded. The title is set to include a career mode, various racing game modes, 21 courses, and a multitude of customization options, complete with up to four-player split-screen. The first look can be found below:

As we reported last week, Arena of Valor is holding a closed beta starting today in North America and Europe. As part of this event, some additional footage has been uploaded of the upcoming MOBA. You can check it out below:

Nintendo’s official website has confirmed the release of Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Two Crude Dudes on Switch for July 5th. Flying Tiger Entertainment has released some of Data East’s arcade titles in the past, so the release of this title comes as no surprise. A small snippet of information was given for this upcoming game:

Play one or two mercenaries hired by the American government to stop the terrorist organization “Big Valley”. Take control of post-apocalyptic New York City away from the Big Valley terrorists.

It will cost $6.99 at launch, and we can expect to see some footage with additional details in the coming days.


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