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nintendo staffer union complaint

Nintendo of America is currently facing a situation in which an unnamed worker has claimed that the company, along with global hiring firm Aston Carter, violated their legally protected right to unionize. A filing complaint was made with the National Labor Relations Board on Friday.

The crux of the matter comes down to the staffer alleging that that Nintendo of America and Aston Carter participated in “concerted activities” and made “coercive actions”. In doing so, this interfered with their legally protected right to organize.


minecraft movie Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa, the star of Aquaman and Dune, is now set to be the leading actor in the upcoming Minecraft movie, The Ankler and The Hollywood Reporter have claimed. Additionally, Napoleon Dynamite filmmaker Jared Hess will be in charge of directing.

News about the Minecraft movie appears to trickle in every so often, but this is one of the more substantial updates we’ve had in some time. We heard a few years ago that the film would debut in March 2022, though that never came to be. The COVID-19 pandemic no doubt impacted things, but a new date has not been announced at this time.

turning red zelda earthbound pokemon

Domee Shi, the director of Pixar / Disney’s Turning Red movie, was able to find some inspiration from some notable Nintendo games like Pokemon.

Growing up, she played Pokemon and Zelda on devices such as the Game Boy Color and DS Lite. Shi was limited to handheld systems as her parents didn’t exactly approve of her hobby. But since they were portable, she could continue playing games by hiding them under her pillow longer than her parents allowed.

mario golf comparison

Mario Golf debuted on Nintendo Switch Online today, and GameXplain has now put together a graphics comparison that includes Wii U and N64. We first get to see how things stack up between Switch and N64 before moving over to Switch and Wii U.

It’s clear that Mario Golf produces the clearest image on Switch. For one thing, the resolution the highest. The action was also much darker for the Wii U Virtual Console release, which has been fixed this time around.

princess peach alternate design

Princess Peach has a design that’s famous today, but the character could have gone in a very different direction.

On Twitter this week, mangaka Gaku Miyao shared a photo of some Mario merchandise he worked on before Peach had a standardized design (see above). This was before the look we now know of was fully established.

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My Nintendo Kirby and the Forgotten Land shopping bag

Kirby and the Forgotten Land arrived on Switch not too long ago, and My Nintendo is now celebrating with a shopping bag as a new reward.

Nintendo says of the item: “This handy reusable bag features Kirby looking ready to transform to mouthful mode… perfect for shopping!” It measures 23 x 16” (folded – 5 x 5”).

bandai namco nintendo 3d action remake

A few interesting job listings recently popped up on Bandai Namco’s website involving what appears to be a remaster or remake of a 3D action game in collaboration with Nintendo.

The first posting is for a planner, which explicitly mentions how the project is a 3D action game contracted by Nintendo. Similar language is then brought up on a page regarding Bandai Namco’s search for a visual artist. For the final listing, we see the first mention of the title being a remaster / remake, with the staffer required to work on HD remastering of 3D backgrounds.

nintendo land acquisition new development rd building

Nintendo has announced the acquisition of Kyoto-city owned land, which will be used as a new development center. The tentative name is “Corporate Headquarters Development Center, Building No. 2”.

Nintendo notes that the move was made as it “will carry an important role on reinforcing its R&D.” However, it is not expected to be completed until December 2027.

The full announcement reads:


Smash Bros. movie

Cinematic universes and connecting characters is a big part of the movie industry, but we’ve seen to see Nintendo tackle the idea with something like Super Smash Bros., which is a gaming franchise famous for its crossovers. However, there is at least one notable director out there with experience who would like to give it a shot.

Jeff Fowler is just coming off the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film which he directed. In an interview with Comicbook, he was asked about giving Smash Bros. the movie treatment. Here’s what he said in response:

LEGO Peach

LEGO Peach was revealed for LEGO Super Mario last month, and Nintendo has now followed up with a first look at the product in a video that just went live.

LEGO Peach features her recognizable voice and sound effects. When players purchase the character’s Starter Course, they can earn digital coins and discover reactions by helping the princess ride the swing set and open gifts, while defeating enemies like Lemmy and a Lava Bubble, or befriending a Yellow Toad. Peach, Mario, and Luigi figures can also connect with one another via Bluetooth (two at a time). This lets players greet each other, celebrate, and team up to defeat enemies. By working with a friend, you can earn more coins.

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