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I highly suggest watching this video if you’re interested in Skyward Sword. It’s direct-feed footage and I believe it shows some footage not demonstrated in other videos we’ve posted.


I wonder how long it’ll take for me to get used to posting about these games…


Update: To top it all off, PR can be read below!

So, Ubisoft is making Killer Freaks for Wii U. What’s it all about? Ubisoft shared the first details at a roundtable event today.

It’s being made by their France division, first of all, and it’ll be an exclusive first-person shooter release for the console. You may be interested to know that the full title is Killer Freaks From Outerspace. Supposedly, it’ll redefine first-person competitive action.

A trailer was shown (see below) featuring a man loading a gun, listening to the news and such in an alleyway. An alien arrives on the scene, and there were mechs there as well (this sounds a bit strange…).

Ubisoft also featured a demo of the title. Details include:

Celebrities: Matt Groening, T-Pain, and Greg Grunberg.


Here’s an interesting nugget for you: apparently this game is being made by Tak Fujii!