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Pokemon GO is gearing up for another special event. Starting tomorrow and lasting for a week, players can participate in a new promotion involving Fire-type and Ice-type Pokemon.

Trainers will be able to more easily discover Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Swinub, Vulpix, and their Evolutions. Sneasel, Magmar, Cloyster, and other Fire types and Ice will be more likely to appear as well.

Players will earn huge XP bonuses for successfully catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, as well as Curveballs and First Throws. You’ll earn even more XP for hatching Eggs, too. Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop to celebrate.

Niantic teases “more exciting updates coming your way soon” in Pokemon GO.


The newest summoning focus for Fire Emblem Heroes is called Heroes with Vantage. As the name implies the focus will grant 5 star heroes that have the skill vantage. These heroes include Lon’qu, Reinhardt and Gordin. If you’re interested in these heroes or giving their skills to another one of your favorite heroes then this focus might be for you.

Miitomo has been updated with more content. Users will find returning stages with more items.

“Best in show! Top Dog” is the returning theme. The stages provide the following:

– Poodle hood (set)
– Poodle suit (set)
– Dog-logo socks
– Dog slippers
– Pet shop jumper
– Jeans w/ ruff patch
– Paw-soled boat shoes
– Spiked collar
– Dalmatian top w/ collar
– Paw-print tights
– Dalmatian ears (set)
– Dalmatian suit (set)

The returning stage will be available until June 13 at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.


Earlier this week, Apple unveiled new technology for developers known as the ARKit. Pokemon GO was featured at the company’s presentation to highlight the improvements of augmented reality.

Niantic added a new blog to its site covering the news. In the future, Pokemon GO will hopefully let players experience “new, fun and innovative ways to place Pokemon in the world around you, to view Pokemon, and to use your phone camera to capture the moment.”

Here’s the full rundown from Niantic:

In today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update the Zephiel map returns for a chance for those who missed him to earn him. There are also special quests available for the map for players to try and complete.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump has received a new update. On both iOS and Android, version 1.1.0 is now available.

Several new elements have been added with today’s update. Read on below for the full patch notes.

・You can now challenge the Heal League!
・You can now fish up new patterns of Magikarp!
・New events have been added!
・New Friendship Items and Decorations have been added to the Diamond Shop!

Miitomo has been updated with more content. Users will find a new stage, along with some brand new items.

“For my next trick… Miitomo Magic Show #1” is the new stage. It includes the following:

– Playing cards top hat
– Playing card girl set (socks)
– Playing card girl set (pumps)

And as far as the new items go, you can nab the following:

– Loose tumbling locks wig
– Back ribbon puff-sleeve blouse
– Tie-front denim shirt + skirt


It’s been almost a year now since Pokemon GO launched, and developer Niantic is celebrating that occasion (and the milestone of 750 million downloads) with a variety of events.

Starting on June 13th, the Solstice Event will go live. Fire and Ice-type Pokemon will be more frequently encountered, there will be XP bonuses for throwing Poke Balls accurately and Lucky Eggs will be discounted in the shop.

Need a break from the Tempest Trials? Or do you want to strengthen your team for it? Then you’re in luck, since the Zephiel Grand Hero Battle will return to Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow. As always, this is your chance to get 3-star and 4-star versions of Zephiel if you missed them the last time around, or get additional copies of him via new quests.


The new 1.4 content is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. Most importantly, the new Tempest Trials event is now available. For the next two weeks, you can attempt to clear this challenge as often as you can manage to earn rewards such as 4-star and 5-star versions of Masked Marth and two new seals. New quests are also available that require you to clear the Tempest Trials at various difficulty settings.

To help you with the Tempest Trials, a new summoning is also available until June 22nd. It features the bonus units that increase your score by 40% if you use them in the trials: Lucina, Robin (male), Tharja and Nowi.

Finally, Xenologue 2 is now available as well. It can be found under Main Story -> Paralogues, alongside the rest of the periodically released side stories.