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A few days ago, FDG Entertainment confirmed two Switch games for the first half of 2017. The first was widely assumed to be Oceanhorn as the company recently said earlier this month that the Zelda-inspired title would be released on an unspecified Nintendo title. Now we have further evidence of Oceanhorn making the jump to Switch as well as an indication of the second title.

Take a look at these two tweets:

Notice anything special? That’s right: both have Switch included in the hashtags. If those games weren’t bound for the new system, it wouldn’t make much sense including Switch!


On Saturday, we reported on a curious feature of the Switch’s right-hand Joy-Con controller – a sort of glossy panel on its bottom. Laura Kate Dale, who has delivered many correct reports and leaks about the Switch so far, has been digging into this and apparently found out that that glossy panel is indeed an infrared (IR) pointer. The purpose of this IR pointer has to do with the Switch’s supposed touchscreen functionality.

Whether or not the Switch has touchscreen functionality has so far not been confirmed (or denied) by Nintendo. However, multiple reports prior to the Switch’s launch, which so far have been correct, have all said that the console will indeed have a multi-touch screen. Of course, that seems to clash with what we officially know of the Switch so far – if you’re playing it on your TV, then the console (with the supposed touchscreen) rests inside its dock, making it impossible to actually use the touchscreen.

According to Laura Kate Dale, who has spoken with sources at Ubisoft, the Joy-Con’s IR pointer will be used to circumvent that problem – the IR pointer will essentially be used to replicate touchscreen functionality while you’re playing the Switch in “TV mode”. Dale believes that the top of the Switch screen, which is visible even when it’s inside the dock, will serve as a sensor bar – essentially working the same as the Wii Sensor Bar, with the Joy-Con being used like a Wii Remote.

As always, these are just unconfirmed rumors at this point, but it’s quite interesting to think about. What’s your take on this – do you believe the Switch has a touchscreen? And will this be the way to play touchscreen games on the TV?


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With Nintendo having sent out the first Switch trailer for all to see a few days ago, one of the video’s actors has come forward to discuss his filing experience. He spoke about how he got the gig, when he realized that his role was likely for the new system, and more. Head past the break for the full Twitch archive.

At the FACTS 2016 convention in Belgium, MyGamingBoulevard spoke to a couple of developers to ask about potential Switch support.

First up is Larian Studios, the team behind the Divinity series. It’s much too early to say if they’ll be supporting Nintendo’s new platform, but they do seem to be open to the idea. You can hear some brief comments about Switch at the end of the video below.

Another title which might be possible for Switch is Mayan Death Robots, which originally released on Steam last year and is coming to Xbox One soon. While it’s something the developer hadn’t thought about before, he feels that it could be a “perfect fit” on Switch.

One eagle-eyed viewer of the new Switch trailer spotted something noteworthy. As you can see above, the right Joy-Con seems to feature some sort of black glossy panel / button on the bottom. Laura Kate Dale, who’s been getting scoops about Switch well before this week’s video, is looking into what this might be. Maybe we’ll have a better idea about what it is soon!


FDG Entertainment will release two titles for Switch sometime during the first half of 2017, the publisher has announced.

Writing on Twitter, the company said:

We do know that FDG Entertainment recently announced Oceanhorn for a Nintendo platform. That’s almost certainly one of the two games they’re referring to here.


The developers of Hex Heroes, which is still currently slated to be released for the Wii U, have commented on the Nintendo Switch and the possibility of Hex Heroes appearing on it.

While initially expected for release in 2015, Hex Heroes is still under development after its successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign. The game utilizes the gamepad and 5-player potential of the Wii U heavily, and as such porting it to other systems would be a tricky scenario. It seems that the developers of the game are hopeful at the prospects of a Switch port though, as in the most recent backer update they go over the details of what a Switch port of Hex Heroes would look like, how the controls would work and ask for backers input on whether they’d like to see a Switch port of the game if possible.

Based on the trailer, it doesn’t appear that one Switch can perfectly mimic the Wii U’s ability to display different visuals on the TV vs. the gamepad. Two Switches, on the other hand, could. One Switch for the commander, and one switch docked to the TV for four player split screen. This makes an assumption about the Switch being able to support up to four players, though – the trailer has only shown up to two (granted, they were on the portable screen, not the TV). At best, two Switches can offer the Wii U experience, and at worst, three Switches will be needed (for 5 players). Again, time will tell.

It’s worth noting that Hex Heroes is being built for ALL control schemes on the Wii U. We don’t want to bar players from joining in the fun just because they only have Wii remotes. This early decision will serve us well, if we can make the move to Switch, given that each mini-controller has roughly the same amount of buttons.

The dual screen experience is something we’ve come to know of from Nintendo for many years. It started with the DS back in 2004, all the way up through Wii U. With Switch, however, Nintendo is changing things up.

Nintendo confirmed to Polygon that Switch won’t work as a second gameplay screen in your home. A representative told the site, “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose.”



Stick it to the Man! studio Zoink Games has confirmed plans to develop for Switch. The team actually already has a dev kit, and has ideas about what sort of project can be made.

Here’s the full notice from community manager Alexandra Dahlberg:

Nintendo’s NX reveal got the gaming community really excited yesterday. And us even more so! Why? Because we’re one of the first to get the chance to develop for the new platform!

Switch, Joy-Con, Zoink. Just 24 hours ago those words together wouldn’t have done much sense – but since Nintendo’s big reveal of what was formerly known as the NX, we hope you think they sound wonderful together. We sure do!

This August Klaus and Hugo went on a trip to visit Nintendo, and they came back to the office with… nothing. They didn’t utter one word regarding anything they’d seen, heard or talked about. Can you imagine how curious the rest of us were?

But now we all know, right? And we have really high hopes for the Nintendo Switch, with its versatility and innovative features. And we promise to work our ***** off to produce a high-quality title for the platform – we’re already on it! The dev kit is in our hands and the ideas in our heads.

We can’t say more about what’s coming right now, but it will be really exciting to let you know more about this project further on.


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A Japanese tweet has been making the rounds over the past few hours about what one person tied to the investor-side of Nintendo relayed from the company. Apparently, Switch is intended to be a home console successor (Wii U). Nintendo’s home and handheld systems are still separate, with a 3DS successor coming at some point in the future.

I can’t personally verify the source, so it’s slightly dubious for now (and hence the rumor part). That being said, Nintendo has sort of talked about how Switch is intended to be the company’s next console. Plans could also change in the future depending on how Switch plans out.

Thanks to Justin A for the tip.

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