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Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy’s file size is in. Like the first game, Bike Rider DX2 is a very small download. You’ll only need to reserve 779 blocks on an SD card.


Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition is out today on the Wii U eShop. For a successful download, you’ll need to reserve 802MB of space. That’s far from the smaller eShop games, but it’s not too large either!


Internal Invasion will be launching this Thursday in North America. For those curious, the game requires 72.8MB of space to download. When actually installed on Wii U, the space required dips to 48MB.

We have yet another file size for an indie Wii U eShop title. RCMADIAX’s latest effort, Poker Dice Solitaire Future, takes up 97.8MB of space.

The developer shared the news on Twitter through the following message:


Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has shared the file share for Armillo. It clocks in at about 1.9GB, with music taking up most of the space.

Armillo is scheduled for a July 3 launch.

The file size for ZaciSa’s Last Stand s in. It’ll take up 146MB of space, which is rather small. ZaciSa’s Last Stand launches next Thursday in North America.


Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition is out now on Wii U (and 3DS). If you’re planning on downloading the game, make sure you have 191MB of free space available!


Shovel Knight is almost here. In just over a week’s time, Wii U and 3DS owners in North America will finally be able to get their hands on the game.

Thankfully, Shovel Knight doesn’t take up too much space. The download only clocks in at 184MB on Wii U, with the actual size coming in at 158MB once installed. And on 3DS, Shovel Knight only takes up 1,217 blocks on an SD card.

Nintendo has shared the total file size for Pokemon Art Academy. The game weighs in at 4,096 blocks, which amounts to about 512MB.

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