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Shovel Knight is almost here. In just over a week’s time, Wii U and 3DS owners in North America will finally be able to get their hands on the game.

Thankfully, Shovel Knight doesn’t take up too much space. The download only clocks in at 184MB on Wii U, with the actual size coming in at 158MB once installed. And on 3DS, Shovel Knight only takes up 1,217 blocks on an SD card.

Nintendo has shared the total file size for Pokemon Art Academy. The game weighs in at 4,096 blocks, which amounts to about 512MB.

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The Band of Thieves & 1000 Pokemon is out now in Japan. As reported by Serebii, the game only takes up 579 blocks. That amounts to 72.3MB – small for sure!


Nintendo launched the DS Virtual Console today in an understated way with the release of Brain Age. It’s out now in Japan as a free download.

The game itself is a very small download. It only takes up 55MB of space, with the user data requiring another 64MB.


A quick heads up about the recently-released Wii U eShop title Gravity Badgers. The game takes up 344.8MB of space, which seems quite manageable. You shouldn’t need to reserve much space fortunately!

Pushmo World will take up 500MB on the Wii U – or 499MB, to be exact! For those wondering, the original Pushmo on 3DS is about 18MB. Crashmo is roughly 21MB.


Squids Odyssey, The Game Bakers’ new Wii U eShop title, takes up a little over 400MB of space. You’ll need 466MB to actually download the game. Once it’s finished installing, the total size will dip a bit to 433MB.

Wondering how much space Swords & Soldiers HD takes up? Hint: not much!

According to Two Tribes, you’ll only need 170MB to download Swords & Soldiers HD.


Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails will make its debut in North America and Europe this Thursday. If you plan on purchasing the game, note that it takes up 78MB (103MB to install) of space. That’s a pretty small download, so you shouldn’t have much trouble fitting it in your Wii U’s memory/external storage.