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System: Switch
Release date: July 13, 2018
Developer: Square Enix / Acquire
Publisher: Nintendo

When Octopath Traveler was first pitched at Nintendo’s January 2017 Switch unveiling event, Square Enix’s brief trailer talked up a classic-style JRPG something akin to The Canterbury Tales. Its focus on the stories of eight travelers with its key art of each character exchanging tales in a pub evoked the timeless format of Chaucer’s narrative poem. For a less distant comparison to this style of fantasy RPG, Octopath Traveler pitched something closer to tabletop role playing games. *You* choose your path. In a very loose sense, this remains true. The game has an unconventional structure where you do pick the characters and the order that you want to play their stories out. Once you lock yourself into one of the game’s roughly hour-long story chapters, they play out linearly with no room for meaningful deviation and almost no regard for the unique path you’ve taken to that point. The final game, as it turns out, makes very little use of what could have been a very ambitious project of offering player-driven crossover stories. Realistically, this idea was probably always too ambitious for a game of this style. As glaring as the dissonance between story and play often is, it’s more productive to look at what Octopath Traveler gets right, rather than what it doesn’t prioritize.

First hour of Okami HD on Switch

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Okami HD makes its way to Switch tomorrow. We have the first hour of footage on Nintendo’s console, which you can watch below.

Today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct will kick off in a couple of hours from now. The presentation begins at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM in the UK / 4 PM in Europe. Director Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting the proceedings.

You can watch the Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct as it happens below. We’ll also have a live blog going past the break, which will be handled by our lovely video editor Eric. We’ll keep our coverage going after the presentation ends.

Nintendo Labo is back on the road with a new kit. The Labo Vehicle Kit puts you behind the wheel of a mean modifying machine and also puts your wallet back in peril. With Labo sales firing on all cylinders and a new kit just around the corner, what does this mean for the future of Nintendo’s cardboard collaboration?

At BitSummit a few months ago, Inti Creates revealed a pair of notable projects. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was announced and subsequently released a couple of weeks later while Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX is much further off.

Game*Spark caught up Takuya Aizu shortly after the two games were made known. Not many had the chance to ask Aizu about Luminous Avenger iX in particular, so the interview is pretty noteworthy. Aizu discussed the project’s development status and why we’re not seeing Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 yet, among other things. There’s some Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon talk sprinkled in as well.

At E3, GungHo revealed the stylish-looking Ninjala. This game is being created exclusively for Switch with a release planned for 2019.

There wasn’t too much information about Ninjala shared coming out of E3, but Japanese website 4Gamer managed to speak with a couple of people behind the game. Scenario creator / producer Kazuki Morishita and development director Takeshi Arakawa both chatted about how long it’s been in the works, the decision to release it on Switch, and details like the gameplay.

Earlier this week, a new month rolled right on in. Now that we’re in August, we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Are you still plugging away at Octopath Traveler on Switch? Or maybe WarioWare Gold on 3DS? No matter the case, let us know in the comments below.

A couple of months ago, the new RPG Work x Work was announced for Switch. There’s some notable talent on the team, including Nobuyuki Inoue – who was the director of Mother 3.

In a recent issue of Famitsu, the magazine published a lengthy developer interview. Inoue along with Nobuhiro Imagawa (graphics), Tsukasa Masuko (sound), Takahiro Yamane (development director), and Takuya Yamanaka (producer) talked about the project’s origins, why it’s on Switch, the gameplay, and much more.

Every now and then Nintendo showcases a select bunch of Nindie games that we should keep an eye on. Unfortunately, with so many games exploding onto the eShop every week, it can be all too easy to lose games in the aftermath. No need to panic though – I’ve gone ahead and spotlighted a few games that deserve a second look.

Let’s say you just got a brand new Switch and have $100 to spend on the Switch eShop. What games would you buy? Think carefully because $100 will disappear quickly! Make sure to leave your list below for a chance to win a $20 eShop voucher! To be eligible for the giveaway, your list must:

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