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It’s a big week for Switch releases! On this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything Refresh, we’ll be sharing our hands-on impressions of two MAJOR games, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe and Octopath Traveller 2. We’ll also dive deep into the major stories from last week, including Call of Duty’s (confirmed) return to Nintendo platforms, insight from Miyamoto on his philosophy on narratives in games, and more!

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Pokemon Presents February 2023 live stream

The new Pokemon Presents event for February 2023 will be starting soon, and we have the official live stream ready to go. Remember that the fun begins at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM in the UK / 3 PM in Europe.

The only tidbit shared thus far is that the new Pokemon Presents will contain “about 20 minutes of exciting Pokemon news in celebration of Pokemon Day 2023”. We could hear about currently-released games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and perhaps some new stuff as well, but fans have thus far been left to speculate.

Here’s where you can watch the Pokemon Presents February 2023 live stream:

In just a couple of days, a new Pokemon Presents will air for February 2023. We’ve become used to seeing one of these events once per year on Pokemon Day, which happens on February 27. This day celebrates the launch of the series’ very first games in Japan.

What predictions do you have for the upcoming Pokemon Presents? Do you think we’ll be getting DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet? Let us know in the comments below.

Octopath Traveler II guild locations

Now that Octopath Traveler II is here on Switch, we’ve put together a new guide that should come in helpful to find all of the game’s guild locations.

Similar to the first game, Octopath Traveler II provides licenses to outfit your party members with secondary jobs. These jobs allow them to access the abilities of other classes, giving your party more variety when in combat. One way to obtain these licenses is by finding various class guilds spread throughout the world.

The guide below will provide the location for each of the main eight class guilds. We also have a video version at the very end of this post.

Did you know that we could have gotten a totally different Star Fox game on the Wii U? In this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything Refresh, we’ll share details about Star Fox Armada, a game pitched by Retro that could have been the direct sequel to Star Fox 64 that fans have been craving. (Visit DidYouKnowGaming for the full story!) We’ll also talk more about Splatoon 3’s upcoming expansion pass, Super Nintendo World, and much more!

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Octopath Traveler II review

System: Switch
Release Date: February 24, 2023
Developer: Square Enix / Acquire
Publisher: Square Enix

The original Octopath Traveler inspired me to create a now sprawling fan group on social media, one that morphed over into a Switch RPG community when the original game’s fire finally died down. Personally, I loved the unique art style the most – beautiful 3D backgrounds and windswept plains, icy tundras and winding cities each punctuated with cute 2D sprites that felt alive in this strangely unique world. Octopath Traveler II is much of the same, but does this entry simply continue with the formula of the first one, or are the changes enough to keep one immersed more than its predecessor?

GoldenEye 007 recently re-released on Switch, returning after over 25 long years. It’s available now via Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

In our latest video, I break down the many, many, many different control styles and ways to play this FPS classic, as well as explain how to reorient the controls to fit more modern sensibilities. We’ve detailed the N64 original control scheme, the Switch Pro Controller’s optimal remapping, and dual analog Joy-Con control methods.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse interview

Nintendo Everything was recently given the opportunity to speak with two key developers behind the new remaster of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse: producer Yutaka Fukaya and director Makoto Shibata. The game will be launching on Switch next month after previously coming to Wii. 

During out discussion, we touched on various topics such as the decision to remaster the title and release it in English for the first time, what it was like updating the graphics, and more. We even received a brief status update about the upcoming movie as well.

Here’s our full discussion:

After years of rumors and speculation, Metroid Prime Remastered was unveiled during a Nintendo Direct last week. Even better, you can play it right now by picking it up from the eShop. The physical version will also be in stores very soon.

Metroid Prime Remastered obviously isn’t a new game, but some of you might be playing it for the first time. We’re also sure that some of you only played it back on the GameCube and haven’t revisited it until now.

No matter what your experience is, what do you think of Metroid Prime Remastered? How do you feel about the upgraded visuals? Which control style are you going for? Let us know in the comments below.

DC's Justice League Cosmic Chaos preview

Outright Games has a long history of creating games suitable for all ages that all derive from a beloved property. From Paw Patrol to Transformers, Fast & Furious to Zoids, and Trollhunters to the Dragons franchise of films, chances are the company’s name has worked with and been attached to a popular IP that even you, the reader, are a fan of. As a huge fan of superheroes and DC myself, it was an absolute privilege for Nintendo Everything to be invited to an early look at a new DC-focused game to add to the OG catalog – following up from DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace last summer – in the form of DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos.

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