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Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo’s Japanese twitter account has released a new video with the Coral Switch Lite. The two-minute feature shows gameplay for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with multiplayer and the pattern customization feature both shown. You can see the ad in the tweet below. Can you spot anything else that’s new?

Today, Nintendo has revealed a new color variation for the Nintendo Switch Lite: Coral. It’ll launch in Japan on March 20 (the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons), with pre-orders starting on March 7. Currently, this new color has only been announced for Japan; we’ll keep you updated should Nintendo announce it for other regions as well.


Hello, my geese and goslings! This week on NEP we’ve got some controversial and complex talking points: Hero being banned then unbanned in official Nintendo France tournaments (and what constitutes an OP character or a ban), Mario Kart Tour and the success and failure of mobile games and how that affects genuine gaming, and the Switch Lite launching on the market. We then get some great listener mail sent to us and we blather on there, too, because complex issues require complex analysis.

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Nintendo has published another Japanese commercial for the Nintendo Switch Lite, which you can watch below. The featured game in this commercial is Pokemon Sword & Shield; while the video doesn’t show off anything completely new, it briefly shows Dynamax Morepeko and Lapras, as well as Impidimp, which still hasn’t been officially revealed yet.


The release of the Nintendo Switch Lite is fast approaching on September 20. Nintendo UK released a new commercial for it today, which you can watch below:

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