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[Famicompendium] Cave Noire

cn_header Posted 2 months ago
By (@Patricklous)

Okay, so I know that I teased that I’d be writing about a different game in the last column (which was posted five months ago, holy crap) but there’s a reason for that. Turns out that a game that’s essentially “Style Savvy but also a dating sim” isn’t all that unique when Nintendo ended up adding boyfriends to Style Savvy anyway. So instead I chose to write about one of my favourite Game Boy titles in celebration of the handheld’s 25th anniversary (which was three months ago, holy crap). Yep, that chunky handheld sure gave us plenty of timeless experiences like Link’s Awakening, Mole Mania, and Revenge of the Gator’s title screen, but today I want to focus on a lesser-known classic for Nintendo’s monochromatic machine, an early Japanese dungeon crawler called Cave Noire published by Konami way back in 1991.



Nintendo pulls the plug on iPhone Game Boy emulator

Posted 4 months ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The “GBA4iOS” app for iPhone allowed users to play Game Boy and Boy Boy Advance titles on their devices with little trouble. In fact, absolutely no jailbreaking was involved to get the thing working.

The emulator was available for several months, but has finally been taken down following a DMCA notice sent out by Nintendo.

On Twitter, the app’s creator wrote:



Nintendo hardware sales from the last three generations of systems

nintendo Posted 4 months ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Included in Nintendo’s latest financial results is up-to-date information regarding the company’s hardware sales. You’ll find sales for the last three generations of systems below.

Game Boy Advance Hardware Sales

Japan — 16.96 million units (20.8%)
The Americas — 41.64 million units (51.1%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 22.91 million units (28.1%)
Overall — 81.51 million units

DS Hardware Sales

Japan — 32.99 million units (21.4%)
The Americas — 59.93 million units (38.9%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 61.07 million units (39.7%)
Overall — 153.99 million units

3DS Hardware Sales

Japan — 15.89 million units (36.7%)
The Americas — 14.58 million units (33.6%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 12.85 million units (29.7%)
Overall — 43.33 million units

GameCube Hardware Sales

Japan — 4.04 million units (18.6%)
The Americas — 12.94 million units (59.5%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 4.77 million units (21.9%)
Overall — 21.74 million units

Wii Hardware Sales

Japan — 12.75 million units (12.6%)
The Americas — 48.46 million units (48%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 39.85 million units (39.4%)
Overall — 101.06 million units

Wii U Hardware Sales

Japan — 1.81 million units (29.3%)
The Americas — 2.81 million units (45.5%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 1.56 million units (25.2%)
Overall — 6.17 million units

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