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The latest issue of Famitsu has announced a new rhythm game coming to Switch: Garu Metal. Combining elements of both music and adventure games, it’s described as “sci-fi, yet juveline” and features “hardcore metal” high school girls”.

Further details are sparse at the moment, but the staff involved in this are worth mentioning. The game’s scenario and supervision comes from Shuuhou Inai, who previously worked on the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series and Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai. The character design is being done by Toshinao Aoki, who has worked on some anime projects like the recent Kimi no Koe wa Todoketai and also did illustrations for some Pokemon TCG cards in the past. The game’s executive producer is the legendary Tak Fujii, who we haven’t heard a whole lot from ever since he left Konami in 2014.

The game will be on display at Tokyo Game Show this year, so expect further details then.


Nicalis teases some more Switch games

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On the Nicalis official twitter the team has posted an image of a few pixilated images next to a bunch of confirmed games. Among the pixilated images seems to be 1001 Spikes, VVVVVV and Code of Princess.

It should go without saying that this information will have some gameplay spoilers so dodge the info below and the video if you want a pure Splatoon 2 experience. However, there is also some information on some scrapped content from the game as well, which could be interesting for those of you that want to know what may have been potentially cut out (but at the same time this stuff could also come back later through another update).

GameXplain has compiled a video of recent dataminers’ findings on Splatoon 2, which you can check out below. Or if you’d like a quick synopsis you can read it below the video.

Ahead of LEGO Worlds’ launch on Switch tomorrow, a lengthy gameplay video has come in showing 22 minutes of footage. Watch it below.

Just like Super Mario Run, the Switch Parental Controls app has received an update. And also just like Super Mario Run, there isn’t much to the update.

Nintendo released version 1.2.0 on iOS and Android. According to the patch notes, bug fixes have been implemented.

At Gamescom, Lola Pop was announced as the newest character in ARMS. She should be added to the roster later this month.

The Nintendo Treehouse Log has slowed down on updates as of late, but a new entry recently posted covers Lola Pop in-depth. You can read it right here. There’s talk about the character herself, as well as her new ARMS.

Mario can perform all sorts of moves in Super Mario Odyssey. In a new tweet posted on the official Twitter account, Nintendo shows one of these in action. We have a look at the “Hip Drop Jump” move below.

Hip Drop Jump lets you jump into the air after you’ve performed a Ground Pound. Doing so allows you to use momentum to rise higher than you normally can with a standard jump.

Here’s a look at Hip Drop Jump:


Nights of Azure 2 file size

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Nights of Azure 2’s Japanese eShop listing reveals the game’s file size. For those who plan on picking it up digitally, 7.0GB of space is required.

Nights of Azure 2 is out now in Japan. Koei Tecmo will publish the game physically and digitally overseas in late October.

The full North American Pokken Tournament DX website has opened for business. Access the page right here.

The site has overviews of the different Pokemon included, game modes, and more. Screenshots and other media are also featured. It’ll all keep you informed leading up to the September 22 launch.

Nintendo has sent out word that the company will be distributing the new Switch game Schlag den Star, based on a popular German TV game show of the same name. The game will be available September 29, exclusively in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The game’s trailer and a full report of the game’s features are below.

Schlag den Star will include:

– Elton will star as the host of the game, just as in the TV show
– 4-player multiplayer (1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2), also with CPU
– 2 new modes: one with 7 minigames and one with 3 minigames, the original mode with 15 minigames is still there
– In total there are 25 different games, including quizzes with more than 8000 questions
– Includes quiz games such as „Blamieren oder Kassieren“, „Quiz“, „Stimmt´s?“ (true or false quiz) und „Wo liegt was?“ (determine location of a city or sight on a map)
– Also includes action mini games that depend on the joy-con motion controls
– Includes a character creator
– built in Unity 3D


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