European Zelda eShop sale – full lineup of titles

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In Europe, Nintendo is discounting a bunch of Zelda games on the eShops in celebration of Hyrule Warriors. We already knew about this week’s sales, which includes Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and more.

Nintendo also shared an image on its Twitter account today revealing games set to be discounted in the following weeks. Check it out below:



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Square Enix open to localizing more Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime games

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Square Enix has some doubts about localizing Dragon Quest VII for 3DS due to concerns about how it would sell and the high amount of text that would need to be translated. However, the company seems to be much more open to the idea of bringing the Rocket Slime games over.

Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto told Siliconera:

“You know, it’s funny, when we made Rocket Slime, we were targeting the game towards 8, 9, and 10-year-olds in Japan—but in the west, the average age of the person who bought Rocket Slime was 25! It seems like the grown-ups enjoyed the game and we were pleasantly surprised.”

“In terms of the Rocket Slime game… in Japan, there wasn’t a lot of feedback saying they wanted iteration, but in the western regions, especially North America, there are a lot of requests to see another Rocket Slime game. We’re curious to know, there are a lot of joking elements in it; did you enjoy the humor and the joke elements in it?”

“In Japan, we actually have a total of three titles in the Rocket Slime series. The western version was the second game. Compared to, say, a game like Dragon Quest VII, it’s less text to translate, so that’s not an impossible amount… so if [Rocket Slime 1] or [Rocket Slime 2] might be a great candidate…?”



Dahku calls it quits with game development

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Dahku Creations has decided to move on with video game development. Soon Shine, released in North America last month, will be the studio’s final game.

Dahku’s decision ultimately comes down to a lack of revenue. Chubbins and Soon Shine were both described as successes on the Wii U eShop, but not enough copies were sold in the end.

As written in Dahku’s blog yesterday:

Non-disclosure agreements prevent us from talking details, but even before we signed on as developers we’d heard that Nintendo offers newcomers a chance to work with their equipment free of charge for a time. We hoped that Chubbins would be successful enough in that window of opportunity that we could then move on to bigger and better Wii U exclusive games.

By contrast, Chubbins on Wii U was a success. We managed to stand out, get great community coverage, and the sales have been infinitely better than they were on iOS. Sadly, it still wasn’t enough. Nowhere near it, in fact. Having put all that effort into learning the Wii U ropes and gaining valuable insight into the market, we realized the window of opportunity would still be open just long enough that we could try to put that knowledge to use on an experiment of sorts.

As stated, it was an experiment. We hoped it would succeed where Chubbins hadn’t, and allow us to keep going. Having seen some of the other piddly games that were making waves on Miiverse and reporting great success, we figured we couldn’t go wrong with Soon Shine. As it turns out we were way off the mark.

By contrast, Soon Shine on Wii U was a success. Again we got great community coverage, reviews were generally more positive than they were for Chubbins, and the sales have been infinitely better than they were on iOS. And in fact, Soon Shine sold as many Wii U copies in four days as Chubbins did Wii U copies in four weeks. Of course that isn’t saying much, and sadly, it still isn’t enough. Nowhere near it, in fact.

So that’s it. The window of opportunity has closed. Our dev equipment has been returned to Nintendo. If our games turn out to be sleeper hits, or if we eventually have money to burn from some other source of income, maybe we’ll be back to take another stab at game development someday. For now, this chapter comes to an end.

You can find more from Dahku on the official blog here.


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