Pre-order Puzzle & Dragons from the Nintendo UK store, get a Mario soft toy

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10 hours ago by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo UK is providing a special bonus with pre-orders of Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Reserve the game now and you’ll receive a Mario soft toy, which is pictured above. You can place a pre-order here.



Collectible Badge Center updated to version 1.2.0

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11 hours ago by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo has updated Collectible Badge Center to version 1.2.0 over in Japan. Today’s patch includes the latest general improvements, but a couple of features have been added as well.

First up are the Badge Cases. These items allow users to organize up to 1,000 badges into each case. Up to 100 cases are supported.

Aside from Badge Cases, Nintendo is also adding in a prize for Practice Mode. Players can now obtain a Free Play Practice Badge, whereas in the past it was only possible to nab a ticket that could be used for three free plays.