Up Up Ubie Remix details

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Notion Games shared new details about Up Up Ubie Remix in a website posting today. We’ve rounded up the information below.

- Originally released in early 2012
- Will have a bunch of elements not in the original version
- The game will feel a lot more hectic to those that are good enough to get that far
- Pacing has been improved in terms of speed/difficulty
- Unlockable characters and stages are back
- More characters will be added in as updates
- Cross promotion characters planned
- Syrek from Varia Games’ “Reven” will make an appearance in the future
- Pure Nintendo Magazine’s character (Pure Nintendo Man) will be in the game as well
- Honey Bee also included
- Honey Bee will have challenges for the player to complete and will reward players with additional coins to use for in-game boosts and unlocking characters and stages
- More enjoyable and more replay value than the original
- Will be out very soon on Wii U
- Testing and seeing if there are any problems with the Wii U version currently



Updated listing of eShop developer Q&A attendees

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A few more developers are now on board for the indie Q&A event. When we first heard about the chat, Sinn Development, Hullbreach Studios, Blue Comet Games, John Whitmer, and Ninja Pig Studios confirmed their participation. Pocket Dragon Games, XenoHorizon, and Wildcard Studios are now joining the festivities as well.

The eShop developer Q&A will take place tomorrow starting at 9 AM PT / 12 PM PT and will last until 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.



Curve Studios bringing Lone Survivor to Wii U as well

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Curve Studios is planning a few games for Wii U. A few months ago, the developer confirmed Stealth Inc 2 as an eShop exclusive. And just last week, we learned that The Swapper is Wii U bound as well.

There’s one more title coming from Curve that seems to have gone under the radar. At E3, the company announced plans to port Jasper Byrne’s indie title Lone Survivor to Nintendo’s console as well. It’s due out in Q4 of this year.



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Bowgun – why Tri’s customization was removed, special “element” teased

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Monster Hunter Tri allowed players to mix and match three different parts of the Bowgun weapon. However, this feature was removed in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Explaining why the team decided to cut the functionality, director Kaname Fujioka told Siliconera:

“In Tri, we experimented with this system where you could mix and match these Bowgun parts. The problem with that was that it got really, really complicated. When it came time to make a new iteration, we looked at that system and thought it would be too difficult to expand upon without making it even more complicated for us to make and users to understand. So, we did make an effort to simplify it a little bit.”

“Now, we don’t want Bowgun users to feel [the system] is too simple or uninteresting, so there is a certain level of customization and methods of making Bowguns to suit your playstyle, with the way you can remove the Limiter.”

Fujioka did at least have an interesting tease to share for fans of the Bowgun:



Two Tribes hoping to announce new project tomorrow

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We knew Two Tribes would be revealing its next project sometime this week. Now we know when exactly… at least we think.

On Twitter, Two Tribes said that the studio hopes to announce the new game tomorrow:



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