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Plantera is heading soon to Wii U / 3DS, and the video below proves that. 10 minutes of footage is now available from the Wii U eShop version. Expect a release date soon.

Amazon intends to make “a couple exciting announcements” for the NES Classic Edition. One of the retailer’s Twitter account mentioned the news, while adding that consumers can expect to hear something “in the coming week.”

The tweet reads:

At the very least, it’d make sense if one of these announcements were about a restock. We’ll have to wait and see what Amazon has in store beyond that.


Yesterday, a QR code was distributed for North America so that Pokemon Sun/Moon players could unlock Magearna. Now we have the equivalent for Europe and Australia.

After completing the main story, choose the QR Scanner feature. Then simply scan the image below to obtain Magearna. You’ll just need to visit the deliveryman in the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City to finish the process.



Niantic and mobile carrier Sprint are gearing up for a special announcement. Tomorrow, the two companies will have some sort of news to share about Pokemon GO. Marcelo Claure and John Hanke, chief executives of Sprint and Niantic, respectively, will be in attendance.

The event will be held at the following times:

– 8:30 AM PT
– 11:30 AM ET
– 4:30 PM in the UK
– 5:30 PM in Europe

It’s not clear what will be announced, but we’ll bring you the news as soon as we have it.


Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has always spoken highly of Nintendo, so it’s no surprise that he once again had some positive words to share when talking about Switch in a new interview.

While talking with DigitalSpy about the console, Yoshida noted:

“I think it’s a very unique system. It’s very interesting that they’ve designed the system to work well with more conventional games in terms of inputs and buttons. So I think it’s good for core gamers and their marketing message focused on that.”

Aside from that, Yoshida also said that he believes Nintendo is “going to cover a new market for themselves” when asked if he views the big N as competition with regard to hardware sales.


Plenty of NES Classic Edition accessories have shipped since the hardware’s launch, with even more on the way. Retro Fighters is now planning its own peripheral. Next month, the “Retro Fighters Pro Retro Adapter” will be available.

An Amazon listing provides the following description:

“The Retro Fighters Pro Retro Adapter allows gamers to play their classic NES accessories and controllers on the NES Classic Edition / Wii U / Wii. Simply plug in your favorite retro NES gaming peripherals into the adapter and plug the Wii plug into your NES Classic Edition, for Wii U/ Wii, plug into your Wii Remote. Now you can play your favorite games using original classic gaming accessories!”

Two players are supported when using the Retro Fighters Pro Retro Adapter. The Amazon listing further notes that it is compatible with “original and 3rd party NES accessories, controllers and joysticks”, though “some functionality may vary”.

The Retro Fighters Pro Retro Adapter is slated for January 15. Pricing is set at $14.99.


Believe it or not, LetsPlayVideoGames isn’t finished with its Nintendo rumors for the day. This time around, the site shares some information about an unconfirmed pitch from Koei Tecmo.

The Japanese company, who previously worked on Hyrule Warriors (and Legends), allegedly made a pitch for a Star Fox-themed Warriors title. Melee combat would have been the focus with some space dogfighting segments mixed in. Motion controls would have been absent, “focused on alternating missions between ground combat and a simplified space combat system designed to be simple to control and visually over the top.” It would have been comparable to Hyrule Warriors in many ways.

Nintendo is said to have turned down the pitch “due to questions regarding the future of the brand.” It never left the design stage, and it’s unknown which system it was targeted for.

Despite the Star Fox pitch not progressing, Koei Tecmo remains interested in giving another Nintendo franchise the Warriors treatment. Additionally, Nintendo is apparently open to that as well.


FromSoftware is one of many developers named as a partner for Switch. LetsPlayVideoGames may now give us an idea about what the studio is planning.

One of the site’s sources claims that Dark Souls III is running on Switch “with a level of performance they are happy with.” A small team has been working on the port for several months.

FromSoftware has been taking a wait-and-see approach with potential ports. The company wanted to see how Dark Souls III performed sales-wise before moving forward. However, if FromSoftware pursues ports, Switch (and other consoles) would receive a re-release of all three Dark Souls titles with DLC bundled in.


LetsPlayVideoGames is back with a new report regarding Switch. The site claims to have further information about the Dock, of which there has been some uncertainty.

Apparently, the Dock does in fact increase the performance of the portable device. However, this isn’t due to additional processing power in the Dock.

As LetsPlayVideoGames explains:

“When the system is connected to the dock by USB-C, the system’s components will run at a higher clock speed to facilitate 1080p resolutions on the TV. Both video and power will be transferred over USB-C when docked. Plugging the system into the dock will also activate a small additional fan to help with cooling when run at that higher clock speed. This fan is in the rear of the dock, and there is a gap in the back of the dock to allow the system’s inbuilt fans to vent when docked.”

The second developer diary for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is live, revolving around music and sound design. Check it out blow.

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