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Nintendo just announced a sequel.

– Has snow planet
– Snow world
– Frozen ocean
– Yoshi joining in

New peripheral revealed by Satoru Iwata at E3 2009.

– Put in finger
– Pulse detector
– Acheive great relaxation

New Mario vs. Donkey Kong game heading to DSi.

– Design levels from the ground up
– Releasing June 8

Also, WarioWare DYI has been confirmed for North America.

– open-world game
– Developed by Ubisoft
– NY cop undercover

Golden Sun DS revealed

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Nintendo announced that Golden Sun is coming back in full throttle – this time to DS.

Nintendo just showed off a few new minigames for Wii Sports Resort.

– Basketball
– Archery
– Skydiving

Wii Fit Plus confirmed

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At Nintendo’s E3 2009 press conference, Nintendo confirmed that Wii Fit Plus is in development.

– Enter lockeroom from main menu
– 6 new strength and yoga activities
– Keeps track of total calories you’ve burned
– 15 new balance games
– Coming in the fall
– Can buy it with balance board or without

New Mario game revealed

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Nintendo just announced a new Mario game at their E3 2009 press conference.

Called New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

– 1-4 players
– Pick up and carry other players
– Can play through single-player or multiplayer
– Switch over at any time
– New item: Propeller suit
– Screen can pan out
– Tally at the end – bonus points, ranking, etc.
– Playable at E3
– Launching holiday 2009

E3 Day 1 – Wii and DS Overview

Every year game developers from across the globe gather at what can be called the biggest video game convention in the world to showcase what they believe to be their top quality products. In past years this is where games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and the Sony Playstation 3 console were announced, and this year should be no different. With rumors circulating of new Mario’s or new Zelda’s among others, E3 2009 promises to be just as good, if not better, than previous outings.

An hour away!

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Well folks, the day has finally come! Nintendo will be showing off its latest games at their annual E3 conference, which is now only one hour away.

Make sure to stick with Nintendo Everything for the latest news from the show – We’ll post news as soon as it happens. Moreover, screenshots, fact sheets, press releases, trailers, videos, and any other Nintendo-related items will go live once they become available.

My last words of “encouragement:” Try not to hype yourselves up too much. If we don’t get Zelda or Kid Icarus at E3, there’s always Nintendo’s October conference…And next year! Also, remember that Miyamoto is hosting a roundtable event later today…So perhaps there could a few surprises there (or maybe not). Now cross your fingers and hope for the best. But things couldn’t be worse than last year anyway, right?!