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The Nintendo Treehouse Log updated with a new post. For the latest update, Nintendo goes over the Brella class of weapons in Splatoon 2. This includes the Tenta Brella, which will be added to the game soon. You can read the full entry here.

The Rapid Blaster Pro is out now in Splatoon 2 as the game’s newest multiplayer weapon. See it in action below with some footage.

It’s the end of the week, which means another new weapon is coming to Splatoon 2. The Rapid Blaster Pro has a longer range than the regular Rapid Blaster at the exchange of a slower firing rate. It comes with the Toxic Mist sub-weapon and the Ink Storm special. It’ll be added to the game tomorrow at midday in Australia and Japan, early in the morning in Europe and late at night tonight in North America.


Japan is getting two pieces of Splatoon 2 merchandise in November that are sure to be extremely popular: the official soundtrack (Splatune 2) and an art book.

The soundtrack will feature all songs from the game in addition to various sound effects and jingles. It will also come with a jacket for each of the in-universe bands, a roundtable discussion with Wet Floor (one of those bands), an interview with Marina, comments from the developers as well as a Splatoon-themed guitar pick. The soundtrack will cost 3,200 Yen.

The art book obviously features a ton of art from the game, including character design concept art, fashion design sketches, logos and more. Here are some preview images:

Source Via


Last night, a returning map from the original Splatoon was added to Splatoon 2: Kelp Dome. If you’re interested in seeing how the stage compares to how it appeared originally, watch the comparison below.

Splatoon 2 received another wave of new content tonight. The returning stage Kelp Dome was added in along with the Heavy Splatling Deco weapon. Check out footage of both below.

A new weapon has made its first appearance in Splatoon 2. Specifically, the Grizzco Blaster has shown up in the newest rotation for Salmon Run.

We’re hearing that the Grizzco Blaster appears randomly in Salmon Run matches. It has the label “Rare Weapon”. While it has a massive fire rate, ink is consumed very quickly. Note that weapons can stack and switch between waves.

Here’s some footage:

Source 1, Source 2

Another new weapon is coming to Splatoon 2 pretty soon. The Heavy Splatling Deco has the same stats as the regular Heavy Splatling and comes with the Bubble Blower special and the Splash Wall sub-weapon. It will be available in-game tomorrow around noon in Japan and Australia, early in the morning in Europe and late at night today in North America.


Splatoon 2 has a few more Salmon Run events lined up for this week. One in particular is very interesting.

When you check the Salmon Run schedule in Splatoon 2, the event for Friday / Saturday is a bit of a mystery. Nintendo isn’t saying what weapons will be supplied here. The official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account mentioned this as well.

Splatoon 2 Switch bundle unboxing

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The new Splatoon 2 Switch bundle made its way to Walmart as a North American exclusive at the end of this week. Get a closer look at the entire package with the unboxing video from Nintendo Wire below.

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