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Splatoon 2

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a Splatoon 2 feature. Although it’s largely based on the information covered in the game’s trailer and recent tweets, there are some new tidbits.

Below are a few details we came across in the magazine about the Hero Mode campaign:

– Octarian’s world is more feminine than the past one in Splatoon
– Since there is an icon top right of the UI, there will be a Sunken Scrolls collection feature again
– Hero Suit can grow; the suit shown in screenshots are the level 1 form
– The machine gun-esque looking weapon is just called “Hero Shooter” in the Japanese version; it’s an orthodox, standard shooter
– Octolings might use different sub-weapon when they uses different main weapon (Octolings will use various weapons unlike the first Splatoon; Famitsu shows them using the Slosher and Blaster; each of those weapons might have different type of sub weapons)
– Usable special weapon differs by situation (this sounds like each stage or level will offer you different type of special weapon)
– Sheldon will bring you new weapons using his drone

In the recently released trailer for Splatoon 2’s singleplayer mode, the grind rails were one of the most striking new features. They might seem similar to the ink rails from the first game, but you can actually shoot your weapon while you’re on a grind rail. The official Splatoon Twitter account published a couple more screenshots of the grind rails in action today. Check them out:

The account also published the following gif of the new rolling mats. Inking them unfurls them, albeit only temporarily, which allows them to be used in a variety of ways:


Various enemies will be included in Splatoon 2’s Hero Mode. Nintendo showed off one such type today with a brief animated GIF.

When you stumble upon this enemy, which roughly goes by the name Octoller, it’ll quickly run away. However, before it does so, it’ll drop off a Splat Bomb.

Here’s a quick look at the enemy in action:


Nintendo continues to promote Hero Mode in Splatoon 2. On its Japanese Twitter account, Nintendo shared the latest images from the campaign, this time highlighting the Octolings. View some images from the game below.


The official Splatoon 2 Twitter account has given us another look at the infamous unicycle-riding Octarian that first appeared in the recent trailer. Judging by these new screenshots, it seems like he can use his giant Roller in a variety of ways – he can swing it like a sword or use it like a steamroller to chase after you. The Twitter post doesn’t confirm this, but the fact that you’re fighting him in a circular arena seems to suggest that he will be one of the bosses in Hero Mode, or at the very least a mini boss. His Japanese name could roughly be translated as “octopus samurai”.


Nintendo ended this week’s ARMS Direct with a new trailer for Splatoon 2 highlighting Hero Mode, the game’s single-player campaign. The series’ Japanese Twitter account has since shared some additional details and images.

Marie is not only a member of Squid Sisters, but also agent 2 of New Squidbeak Splatoon. She is keeping a close watch on the Octarians while Cap’n Cuttlefish is away. As indicated by this week’s trailer, agent 4 does not know of the Squid Sisters.

Well, I was only joking about it before, but it seems like Japan’s fervor for Splatoon really does know no bounds. You actually can buy just the box of the Splatoon 2 Switch bundle by itself on the Japanese My Nintendo store – literally just the box with no contents, not the game nor the Switch console. Accordingly, it only costs 540 Yen.


Splatoon 2 file size

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We’re still two months away from Splatoon 2’s release, but we already know the game’s file size – at least the one of the Japanese version, though other language versions shouldn’t be drastically different. A listing of the download version of the game on Amazon Japan has revealed that Splatoon 2 will require 5.5GB of space on your Switch.


Nintendo is doing something slightly unusual for Splatoon 2’s physical release in Japan. In addition to the regular physical version, the Switch console bundle and a download code for the game you can buy in stores, you can get a “game card free” version of Splatoon 2. This is the regular game case, but instead of a cartridge, it comes with a download code for the game. This is intended for people who prefer to own a digital copy of the game, but still want a game case for their collection.

At the moment, it seems like you can only get this version at the Japanese My Nintendo store, though it’s possible some retailers might carry it as well.

Given how popular Splatoon is in Japan, Nintendo could probably get away with just selling the game case without the actual game at all and it would still be a sales hit!

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The official Splatoon 2 Twitter stated it will be partnering with 7-Eleven in Japan. The partnership will include nanaco figures and special in-game gear.

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